With the release of their second studio album, Rebuild, the Tim Herron Corporation has built itself a name and a solid reputation in the scene. If you read the liner notes of this album, the first thing you will notice is Tim’s own list of instruments, which include acoustic and electric guitars, grand piano, organ, mandolin, flute, and vocals. Your first thought will probably be, “If this guy can really manage all these things, he deserves to have a band named after him.” Well, Tim Herron does a more than admirable job with every instrument, but this is not to say that the rest of the band is not equally as talented. This is not a selfish band, in every song each member’s specific talents surface, and each has a chance to show off at least a little. One of the most obvious examples of this is the drum solo on “Call it Even,” in which P.J. Bullock shows he is more than willing to take on a leading role, while making you realize what a great drummer he really is, and how important his rhythms have been up until this point and will be for the rest of the album. “Call It Even” also proves that Eric McElveen can sing, not to mention write (he penned this song for THC).

The music definitely “jams,” but when you combine that with the lyrics (which I found myself singing by the second or third time through), you realize that this band is trying to tell you something and is, very successfully, speaking directly to your soul. To me, it seemed the album was set up almost like a continuous story. Lyrics focused on driving and moving, sleeping and waking popped up all over the place. Track one, “Asleep,” combines all these ideas and when Tim sings, “won’t fall asleep at the wheel with you,” you realize he may have given you the best reason to stay awake that you’ve had in a long time.

This album has a lot of “happy” songs that make you want to get moving, go and see things and find and spend time with the friends you love. That’s a good thing, isn’t it? But another good thing about it is that it’s not all happy. Some of it is emotional, or subtly dark, like sitting around at three or four in the morning knowing that the sun will come up, but it’s not time yet. Much more of it is intelligent, with songs like “Supernatural Vibe” and “Juror #4” asking questions about identity and right and wrong. With Rebuild, Tim Herron Corporation challenges you to find the meaning of things, in your time, in your own way. I give them credit for offering a thoughtful examination of life, love and the road.

Janis Lawrence
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[Published on: 3/4/02]

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