Snoop/Slightly Stoopid Tour


Meeting of the Heads
While no specifics have been released, we can tell you that OG reality show dankster of love Snoop Dogg will share a double bill with suburbia's most beloved skank warriors, Slightly Stoopid. This tour announcement was made on the season finale of MTV’s Dogg After Dark. As dates for this cross-country summer tour surface we'll let y'all know.

In the meantime, you can check out the season finale of Snoop's variety show. Make sure the kiddies are tucked in first though…

[Published on: 4/5/09]

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1048 Sun 4/5/2009 07:19AM
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Sounds like the worst thing ever

mackie67 Sun 4/5/2009 07:49AM
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lovemusical Sun 4/5/2009 08:20AM
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Slightly Stoopid is still very talented in the studio, but their live shows depend on their sobriety. So,in other words they usually suck live nowadays. I saw Snoop once, at some tour like 10 years ago. Live Rap. Enough said. You would have to pay me to go to this show. A bunch of shady ass little drunk fucks too faded to even hear the show. Snoop had one good album in '93. How is he still relevent? He's just an iconic pimp with a lame ass TV show.

biscosector Sun 4/5/2009 08:29AM
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Treetophigh Sun 4/5/2009 08:36AM
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sounds more than slightly stoopid....,hahahahahahaha

Treetophigh Sun 4/5/2009 08:39AM
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snoop is pop shtick

i thought u all were over that shit......nostalgia strikes again??....

do u still wannabe a gangstar??!!.....

megustaphish Sun 4/5/2009 08:45AM
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the gathering of brahs with flatbill hats

MaSonDiego Sun 4/5/2009 10:08AM
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I hate to say but Nas sounds like crap in that clip with Snoop.

WidespreadMule3 Sun 4/5/2009 11:55AM
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i saw stoopid a few nights ago...boy was that a mistake. one of the worst crowds i have ever been around. bunch of drunk frat boys moshing. it was terrible. i will never pay to see them again.


i am going to see snoop in a few weeks and i really hope its different. it's at a smaller festival so i'm hoping the vibes will be a little more groovy.

BobMayonaisse Sun 4/5/2009 12:42PM
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slightly bad idea

schofizzl Sun 4/5/2009 01:12PM
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i've never seen SS but i have seen Snoop and it was the shit! it's much more than your average live rap show, he actually has a band playing everything and they play it superbly!

rastarusty Sun 4/5/2009 01:45PM
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i saw them in october. Honestly i really like some of the albums. They have a good groove to them. The show wasnt good though. I didnt know if it was just cause the venue was a ghetto bar, but the crowd was lame.

They didnt take advantage of the live show to expand on any of there songs or jam. It just stayed in the same place all night and really started to get boring a few times.

I feel like if they made some effort to put on a better show it would be a better time. prolly wont see them again unless its at a festi im already going too. def not gonna pay for them

garrettgsell star Sun 4/5/2009 02:26PM
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I go to this site to get away from MTV, not go to it.

phishman706 Sun 4/5/2009 03:06PM
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stoopid and snoop are both awesome live

i'll have to roll mad blunts for this tour

brooklynite84 Sun 4/5/2009 03:17PM
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I'm sorry, but Slightly Stoopid is exactly what their name is SLIGHTLY STUPID! I don't know how these guys continue to have a fanbase and grow. I mean they are just a rip off of Sublime and only tour with that other shitty band Pepper. They might have talent for a local garage band, but not on a national basis. I've seen them twice at festivals and both times were ridiculously awful. I love Snoop though, even though he has his stupid family reality show on E!, he's still Snoop. I could never hate the man, but I will always hate on Slightly Stoopid!

bradfe74 Sun 4/5/2009 03:23PM
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I saw snoop once when I was 15 and I thought it was the greatest thing ever. So when I was at Rothbury last year I thought it was only necessary to check him out again to see if he still had it... and he didnt! The first set was ok, but once he started playin his newer music I had to run away. Not to mention that he had no clue where he was! "WHATS GOING ON EAST LANCING!!" --->give me a break! Slightly stoopid was alil better but only cause they actually passed that shit to the crowd!

hippiedaze Sun 4/5/2009 04:45PM
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So I just saw them for the third time not too long ago in Grand Rapids at the Orbit Room which happens to be a kick ass lil intimate club, well the first time I saw them was at Hedgepeth in wisconsin...a one time only festival that had some great acts but shitty turnout of people, anyways they were really good there, play all dub, barley no punk, then at Rothbury last year, they sucked ass...totally not the vibe i was hoping for there....then they brough the fire to the orbit room, nothing but their dub, was so good, actually all three bands were pretty incredible, and got a chance to talk with the guys afterwards...they happen to be some pretty cool people...anyways...They are kinda hit n miss with their live shit....but when they bring it, they definately bring it~ Take care all~

Navin R. Johnson Sun 4/5/2009 04:56PM
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Navin R. Johnson

Seriously Biscosector???? So at Rothbury, while Bettye Lavette is rocking her heart and soul out to roughly 300 of us before the Snoop set on the main stage...We turn the corner and see 30,000 people waiting to see Snoop. Okay. Worst shit I have ever seen. " Yo yo yo. We just made this sheet up in the prevost yo and it goes a lil' sometin' like dis" "Smoke weed, get drunk, and fuck"....over and over and over.... Sheesh. What a complete waste of stage time. What a shame. Worst moments of the coveted Roth. Good day.

DDvilshBass starstarstarstarstar Sun 4/5/2009 05:02PM
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Cosmicsailor Sun 4/5/2009 06:20PM
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Must be a slow news day.

crazyleggedelbow Sun 4/5/2009 07:21PM
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Deadphans starstarstar Sun 4/5/2009 10:23PM
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SS Acoustic Roots is pretty good. They have some random good songs on there other cds. I used to be a big fan when I was younger, but now it doesn't have whatever it is that I look for in music. And nah, Snoop is horrible. All mainstream hip hop is horrible, all they put out in mainstream is songs with the same message. Smoke weed, get drunk, and fuck, crystale, and drive my Mercedez Bens.

Aesop Rock, Sage Francis, and Murs is where its at with Hip Hop. Great lyricists, talent, and excellent musicians to back them.

phalluscooper Mon 4/6/2009 08:21AM
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"CLOUDIEST PAIRING" That's funny. Just when they thought that air would clear....ABB/WSP 2009. The Weather Channel is already predicting heavy second-hand particulates between 8/21 & 10/17, 2009.

Smittea Mon 4/6/2009 09:44AM
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The fact that the video was from eMpty-TV speaks volumes.

shaka1 star Mon 4/6/2009 10:38AM
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This crap is for children-If your a child its fine- If your adult, you better check yourself. They should have called the tour Slightly Snoopid

iamwilliemac Mon 4/6/2009 02:03PM
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Stick to the dub stuff...very ill...punk stuff...tooooo looouuuud!

Snoop is Snoop

technopagan star Mon 4/6/2009 02:42PM
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Sorry I've got nothing on the article, but I was in a cab the other day with one of the guys from slightly stoopid. He sucked. But damn was he excited to have snoop dogg open for him, I guess really, who wouldn't be.

He was pretty full of himself at the time, asshole doesn't tip either.

Jsst22 Tue 4/7/2009 11:47AM
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First off, Slightly Stoopid is not anything like a Sublime rip-off. That's always the statement made by the people who haven't listened to their music. They’re just copying sublime, wah wah wah… Two completely different bands. And also who cares if they were, for my money give me more bands like Sublime any day of the week. Sublime started the reggae-rock revolution and slightly stooped is carrying the mantle.

Brooklynite84, who are you to comment on who should have a national fanbase and worthy of your S**tty criticism. Do you write, produce, and distribute all of your own music independently like SS does? I doubt it! You are just the textbook definition of a hater. So go wallow in your hatred of music and good times and sink down the depression rabbit hole. People like you are the scum of the earth. Always hating and never contributing; except thru message board criticisms like a worhtless loser.

If Slightly Stoopid isn’t your cup of tea, so be it. There are plenty of different bands and genres to choose from. As far as I’m concerned bring them all on, I’ll give anybody a listen and if they play those roots-reggae lines, I’ll be the one in the front grooving to the beat, kicking all you haters in the face while I’m at it…

One Love….

daHIPPY Tue 4/7/2009 04:55PM
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wow da whinerzzz!!!! Must need sum CHEESE!!! i do!!

but serious.... cant stand all da negativity!!!! i remember back in da dayz of KVHW... an der wuz always sum1 whinnninnnn about how da show wuz alright but they'd seen betta...... WUT EVA!!!

i'll be around, havin fun, positive vibin & spreadin da love!!!



chanderson Wed 4/8/2009 07:02PM
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Sounds bomb to me.

ThatFullSound Fri 4/10/2009 11:23AM
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DaHIPPY - your latest post on this message board makes you sound like a poser dumbass.

PCPrabbit Fri 4/10/2009 11:51AM
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there are enough 13-18 year olds in this country to sell out these shows.