"The path of water is such that when it rises to the sky, it becomes raindrops; when it falls to the ground, it becomes rivers."

"The path of water is not noticed by water, but is realized by water."

From page 101, "The Practice of the Wild," Essays by Gary Snyder.

Tonight’s musical show at Reed College in Portland, Oregon was amazing! There was a huge meteor shower going on, and these musicians from the Puget Sound area, Flowmotion were laying out some wonderful jams reaching far beyond the usual! After what I experienced tonight Flowmotion has proved themselves to be a musical contender in today’s improvisational scene.

Flowmotion have a sound all their own, a little bit Phish, a little Reggae, lots of original movements, and tons and tons of soul! Flowmotion is Beau Borrero on congas and vocals, Josh Clauson on ripping, mind bending/orca style guitar, Jessie Kansanback on rump kicking bass, vocals and percussion, and Coulby Styles on dust cleansing drum kit, vocals, and percussion.

Reed College is extremely nice. This place is part of the, "Ivy League of the West." It’s a beautiful school with a reputation for very high academic standards. It’s almost a spiritual place like a church or temple of some sort. Reed is dedicated to knowledge, truth and freedom, or something like that, with no exceptions. Walking around campus everywhere you turn you can meet some sort of engaged and interesting anarchist or philosopher or writer or physicist or intellectual of some sort. They have ancient Greek plays going on in an amphitheater by a natural duck pond in the summer months, and a nuclear reactor that physicists and chemistry students get to use for their experiments in alchemy, along with Gary Snyder’s early writings to rummage through. At Reed you might find some head reading Hannah Arendt’s "The Human Condition" during a wild psychedelic rock show in an old ski lodge room.

Reed has the type of woman that I want to fall in love with: intelligent, independent, free, kind, thoughtful, lovely, and creative. Tonight at the Flowmotion show I felt like I saw Krishna with his flute dancing with the Gopis.

Listening to live music and transcending the temporal world, of bosses, paychecks, debts, teachers, tests, etc., and just shaking it amongst the stars, being some sort of cosmic dancer, is a great release for humans. If the musicians are talented and feeling up for it, usually you can get to this place pretty easily, if you make an effort. Dance is a place of imagination, timelessness, breath, body, mind, the senses, and freedom. Sometimes when I’m shaking it I imagine that I reach a point of oneness with all humanity where a mystical feeling of goodwill towards all my neighbors occurs, and a fearlessness that they have the same feeling towards me occurs also, it is a beautiful and free mental state. From this point (of freedom, beauty, truth, reality, God-consciousness, etc.), I have had all sorts of visions of healing in the world. I have seen Muslims in a wonderful mosque, with a beautiful voice singing the Koran, and people’s ears prick up, then I have seen Christians singing joyfully in a wonderful church, and it is totally clear that both groups and that all people are able to love one another!

This plane of "quiet light" as some Buddhists call it, or bliss, was reached by many people tonight at the Flowmotion music and light cornucopia. Or at least it seemed that way, with all those shooting stars, great music, intelligent people and active dancers. I was sure blissed out for a while! If you get a chance, check out Flowmotion for a rockin’ good time.

Gordon Wilson
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[Published on: 11/21/01]

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