Mr. Lif: Spring Tour


Mr. Lif
There is no doubt that change is upon us. Thankfully we have Mr. Lif to provide the soundtrack for a remarkably historic time in our nation. Lif's I Heard It Today is a bellwether of social truths that will be brought directly to the people - opening at SXSW in Austin Texas on March 20, and concluding on June 13 in Cleveland Ohio. Mr. Lif's continually progressing talent has been praised by countless publications and musicians alike, not to mention the rabid fan base this Boston-bred MC has cultivated along the way. This is the latest chapter in Lif's prolific legacy of top-notch lyricism, an unmatched charisma and ear for top-notch production. With Statik aka Mr. Sonny James (of Illvibe Collective) on the wheels, and openers Grieves and Willie Evans Jr. these shows are not to be missed.

"Lif tackles the dehumanizing dysfunction of capitalism and its dramatic effect upon a b-boy everyman, including a dissection of commerce's influence upon art, family and spirituality...we need it now more than ever" - PITCHFORK

"Lif and learn. Boston's reflective rhyme warrior, Mr. Lif opens minds with an open mic...he is one of alt-hip hops hottest commodities" - ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

Mr. Lif tour dates available HERE.

[Published on: 3/10/09]

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Mr_McDankenstein starstarstarstarstar Wed 3/11/2009 12:34AM
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he looks like he would like to hang out . . . smoke some blunts.

nathann starstarstarstar Wed 3/11/2009 05:54AM
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wow i remember seein LIf at the old house of blues in Cambridge back in 2001. no love for your hometown Boston this tour?

Zarathrusta Wed 3/11/2009 06:01AM
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No question Lif is always in my top 5 hip hop artists. Just about anyone on the Def-Jux label is SICK. The Orlando show looks good because I don't see any openers listed. A problem I've had with Hip Hop shows is there's often way too many opening acts. In my opinion experiencing Hip Hop live is best when you know the lyrics and I usually don't when it comes to the openers. The exception is when the production value is great and the mc raps in a style that's easy to comprehend the first time around.

Kemosloppy Wed 3/11/2009 08:16AM
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very true henry. sounds like you would enjoy Lyrics Born.

my favortie track with Lif - Orions Belt

Kemosloppy Wed 3/11/2009 08:17AM
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its surprising that there is no boston stop. but i woudlnt be surprised if he added a stop at the Mid East. shit, maybe he already hit it up.

ClaysTribe starstarstarstarstar Wed 3/11/2009 08:24AM
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Mr_McDankenstein Wed 3/11/2009 09:00AM
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blunts blunts blunts blunts it's what im all about

Joshc104 Wed 3/11/2009 09:14AM
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Trying to get lifted with Mr. Lif!

hhood9 Wed 3/11/2009 10:34AM
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Actually y'all, he has said that he got his name(Lif) from a phish show, he heard a bassline and it called out to him. Thought you phanners may like to know that little tidbit. Lif is one of my favorites, he provides excellent social commentary on issues and situations relevant to all of us. Definitely surprised there is no boston date, and no Hoosier love either! Check out his disk 'I, phantom' if you want to hear some excellent hip hop music wrapped into a concept dope

'Now this is my escape from many things on many levels

I couldn't settle the pedal these are words of a rebel

Come and dance with the devil in the bloody meadow

The ground is metal from the armor of a soldier's medal'

and on and on..

alienscape starstarstarstar Wed 3/11/2009 11:14AM
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"Just plucked my name out of a bassline. I was at a Phish concert back in like 1994. I was high as hell on mushrooms, and I had a breakthrough about this character called "The Liftedly Man". He was on some live every day to the fullest shit, so I adopted the persona, and I try to live up to the name daily."


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