Daptone Records Robbed


The Budos Band
On Monday, February 16, Daptone Records' studio in Brooklyn, NY was broken into and robbed. Unfortunately, lots of valuable equipment was stolen and damaged. Daptone Records is asking for everyone's help in keeping an eye out for the stolen stuff showing up on ebay/craigslist/local music shops, and secondly (and more realistically) keeping an eye out for good deals on headphones, mics, pre-amps, etc.

Daptone is the home of Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, The Budos Band, Menahan Street Band and more. They help keep funk and soul a vibrant thing and deserve any help our readers can provide in resolving this matter.

List of Missing Gear:

Fender Super Guitar Amp in case
Fender Deluxe Guitar Amp
A whole bunch of headphones and wires
Nydia's HP laptop computer
One Desktop MacIntosh Computer
One Purple Audio API style lunchbox with four Purple Audio Biz mic pre-amps
2 Yamaha NS10 monitors
Vintage Harmony Rocket Guitar
One steel string acoustic guitar
Martin Tenor sax in a gig bag
Technics 1200 turntable
Ion USB turntable
Teac Receiver/stereo amp
Sony dual deck CD burner/player
All of our modem/phone system stuff was ripped out and taken.
A whole bunch of condensor and dynamic microphones
A baldwin organ was tossed and is probably broken
Lacie External hard drive

Daptone asks that you contact them with any relevent information at:


Tour Daptone Records:


[Published on: 2/19/09]

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‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^› {¬¿¬} Thu 2/19/2009 04:43AM
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‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^›      {¬¿¬}

this is terrible!!

Many of the daptone artists play vintage instruments.

this is part of how they obtain the old school sound that they all produce.

The poets of rhythm

the daktaris << nigerian

sugarman 3

the mighty imperials

sharon jones and the dapkings.

the budos band

and others.

All of these bands are totally and completely cool as sh*t!!!

if you like old school funk and soul that is.

peace and good luck to daptone!!

much of those instruments are irreplaceable and I do hope they get them back. good luck Daptone!! We love you here at WUTC FM.

www.wutc.org peace.

spwal star Thu 2/19/2009 06:47AM
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Damn Sharon,

I love all your work. I will be on the lookout. I can't believe some scumbags would do such a thing!

jacoyle1 Thu 2/19/2009 08:13AM
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wow what dicks to come in an do that

that has to be over 100,000 in preamps and microphones alone

fucking people

good luck to the guys on recovering

stoops Thu 2/19/2009 08:45AM
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so i've noticed some jambase folks prone to misunderstanding lately so i would like to preface by piggybacking those above and say that the thief(ves) are fucking low-lifes!

that said, the studio did give mtv a tour of their multimillion dollar studio in bushwick(of all places) to be aired on cable to everyone. the broadcast revealed some substantial security flaws and seemed to act as an open invitation to any would-be man-crust to come and rob them.

i love these artists and have seen several of them numerous times live and will continue to do so. i would still have to submit that their own negligence and naivety played a role in this.

hopefully they catch the burglars but it's a bigger hope of mine that daptone gets a little more serious about running a business.

DrFunkinstein Thu 2/19/2009 08:54AM
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what a bunch of crap. daptone puts out some of the best music in the biz, this is damn shame

Dankstar starstar Thu 2/19/2009 09:22AM
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It was probably Winehouse's ex. Crack bender!

Hope you get your gear back!

DAMONCORY star Thu 2/19/2009 09:56AM
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I suggest you do what you parents did sir. GET A JOB! The bums will always loose, the bums will always loose.

Joshc104 star Thu 2/19/2009 09:56AM
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Did they get tht salmon that appears @ 3:50 in the vid? If not, the crooks will def be back.

crazyleggedelbow Thu 2/19/2009 11:15AM
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wtf. whats with all these bands getting robbed... now a whole studio gets cased? didn't someone just drive off with all the stooges gear in canada a couple weeks back?

i HATE the insurance companies, but don't these people buy insurance for there multi-million-dollar investments?

they should be covered even if those instruments are vintage, it's not like there aren't more vintage instruments out there in the world....

I hope someone goes down hard for this crime(anally raped by a police baton would suffice), but these people and their organizations, need to better monitor their shit.

45king Thu 2/19/2009 11:45AM
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What terrible news. With the loss of Coleman Mellett (sugarmen 3)in the recent plane crash and then this. Well It looks like I'll be lookin' out on ebay and craigslist for any of those Items hopefuly something will come of it and we can catch who(m) ever done this.


crazyleggedelbow Thu 2/19/2009 11:56AM
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seriously this could have been an inside job. why does this place not have security cameras?

SpreadRed87 Thu 2/19/2009 12:13PM
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this really blows a donkey dick! karmas a bitch though....something will come up...ill keep my eye out

mikemac9317 Thu 2/19/2009 12:14PM
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i seriously doubt that it was an inside job. this label puts out the funkiest soul today and of the past 30 years. A true shame. To whom ever did it, fuck you you fucking fuck

willydog Thu 2/19/2009 01:51PM
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treetops78 Thu 2/19/2009 02:18PM
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Was that Hal the Broken Clown's salmon friend? Maybe Hal left him up there on his last voyage.

Seriously, I agree with what stoops had to say on the matter. This is complete BS and the people that did this will get what they deserve.

oldfartatplay Thu 2/19/2009 03:07PM
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if anyone's interested, amazon has a free daptone sampler (this is daptone records). try a little/buy a little. help get these guys back on their feet.

leibo10 Fri 2/20/2009 08:35AM
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Guys, I am soo soo sorry to hear about this. This a damn shame. You are one of the few studios with that old school feel and vibe and it is just a damn shame that someone would do this to you.

WidespreadPhanic Fri 2/20/2009 11:27AM
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