Hot Buttered Rum | 01.09.09 | S.F.

Christian Zupancic - Blue Turtle Seduction
Blue Turtle Seduction
Aaron Redner - Hot Buttered Rum
Asher Fulero & Aaron Redner - Hot Buttered Rum
Bryan Horne - Hot Buttered Rum
Nat Keefe - Hot Buttered Rum
Hot Buttered Rum & Friends

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[Published on: 1/20/09]

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Beherenow starstarstarstarstar Tue 1/20/2009 04:33PM
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I Love Hot Buttered Rum. Come Back to Austin!!!!! Play at the parish Late night like after cheese in 04'!!!

jerryil star Tue 1/20/2009 05:40PM
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RedHeaven starstarstarstarstar Tue 1/20/2009 06:27PM
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Ive said it once and I'll say it again: Forget the bands, I wanna meet Dennis Cook!

Thank you for your thoughts and connections with this music. Its so great to have someone like Cook understand it.

Both of these bands graced my life in July of 2003 and have been very special to me ever since. NorCal is a better place with both of them!

Im so excited to hear the new HBR.

Due to lack of funds after splurging on Railroad Earth NYE in Portland, I SADLY could not make it to this show. You would think an article would help matters, well, all it did was weaken me for the fact that I wasnt there. Thanks a lot ;)

I hope 2009 is filled with a ton of Butters and Turtles, and maybe a Dennis Cook handshake.

Jamon starstarstarstarstar Tue 1/20/2009 07:23PM
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Nice photo's Josh.

I don't hear any drums on the audio linked above!!! Can we get a fresh link with da drums?

r0llingst0ned starstarstarstarstar Tue 1/20/2009 11:34PM
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OaksterDan Wed 1/21/2009 12:06AM
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Blue grass meets jamband = JamGrass

jmstuber87 Wed 1/21/2009 08:16AM
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i love me some bluegrass

Ter Wed 1/21/2009 11:11AM
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Tim Carbone is "the balls" - guy is amazing

AZ~*Droo* Wed 1/21/2009 01:19PM
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Timmy is the man...forsure.

Liz starstarstarstarstar Wed 1/21/2009 03:21PM
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As I left this show I felt like it would be remembered as one of the Best of '09!!! The combo of BTS and HBR is amazing!!! The new HRB is like falling in love with your high school sweetheart all over again! And the wonderful suprize of Tim Carbone was better than a cherry on top of fabulous night!

misujerr Wed 1/21/2009 04:09PM
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Wow, Dennis nails it again. The thoughts, the feelings; he really gives you a feeling for what it was like to be there. Thank you!

While the 2/1/08 show was great, it does not reflect their current sound. (The 10/10 & 10/11 Fox shows were epic too! All are available at There are several shows with drums up on the live music archive now. If you specifically want to hear Naive Melody with drums, they did a whole Talking Heads set on 12/30/08, with the dancing girls & everything... Phil Ferlino from New Monsoon was on keyboards for that run.

There are two sources up right now:

Schoeps ccm41s

Peluso CEMC6

I think that Matt will be at most shows from now on but I think that keys will be a once in a while special treat.

Also, last weekend's Caspar shows are up already if you want more exploratory jams and lots of goezintas. Matt was there but no keyboard.

Dog bless the tapers!

brianeh Fri 1/23/2009 02:20PM
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I used to love HBR but I think they've lost what made them unique. The band that made Well Oiled Machine and that I have many fond memories of I feel is gone. Glad to hear they're still doing well.