Chicago Bluegrass & Blues Festival

David Grisman
David Grisman
David Grisman Quintet
David Grisman Quintet
Matt Eakle - David Grisman Quintet
Seth Avett - The Avett Brothers
Scott Avett - The Avett Brothers
Scott Avett - The Avett Brothers
Joe Kwon - The Avett Brothers
Lil' Ed & the Blues Imperials
Ha Ha Tonka
Donnie Biggins
Billy Childers
Cobalt & The Hired Guns
Dollar Store
The Giving Tree Band
The Giving Tree Band
Lindsey O'Brien & Friends
Majors Junction
Wavy Dave Burlingame (Cornmeal)

David Grisman Quintet @ The Chicago Bluegrass & Blues Festival

The Avett Brothers @ The Chicago Bluegrass & Blues Festival

The Giving Tree Band @ The Chicago Bluegrass & Blues Festival

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[Published on: 1/5/09]

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WidespreadMule3 Mon 1/5/2009 08:11PM
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lil ed, david grisman, cornmeal, and the avett brothers! looks like a super good time!

DubSaw star Mon 1/5/2009 09:16PM
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schofizzl Mon 1/5/2009 11:37PM
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haha that pic of wavy dave is killin' me... cornmeal owns.

AZ~*Droo* Tue 1/6/2009 06:30AM
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^^^thats what im saying! thats a killer pic of dave!

ratdog5150 starstarstarstarstar Tue 1/6/2009 11:39AM
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Thanks for reading the review and looking at my photos!

funkvibes Tue 1/6/2009 01:20PM
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Grisman is the shit and someone should tell him to play the fests everywhere

rchasei Tue 1/6/2009 01:42PM
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This festival WAS a "super good time". I drove up from Arkansas for this due entirely to the fact that The Avetts were there, and David Grisman Quintet was a great bonus. Those two were the best shows of the whole day (I was there for over 7hours), with an honorable mention for Ha Ha Tonka. There are two phrases in this reveiw that jumped out at me that I felt the desire to comment on.

#1: To reflect this change in the building's use, all of the ground-level seats were removed several years ago, increasing the theater's capacity from 2,700 to 4,000.

I'm sure this was a great move for those 3-4 hour shows that I've noticed play at the Congress througout the year, but for a festival, it was a little disappointing. The place had NO chairs at all, and if you're there for a full day, standing becomes quite laborious.

#2: "I'm madly in love with everyone that came, everyone that played, everyone that drank a beer or smoked a joint, everyone that danced, and everyone that sang."

The love is reciprocal, but it's the "smoked a joint" part that got my attention. The undercovers that were swarming around inside this place would virtually tackle you if you weren't super-sly about your usage. That proved to be quite a challenge.

Overall I had a great time. It was my first time to Chicago and I'm glad I made it. Loved the indoor smoking area at the show(not mentioned), and the fact that the music never stopped. I also enjoyed the GREAT BEER. 312 on draft!? what a great idea. I'd never had it before and ended up buying a case to bring home : )

caserok starstarstarstarstar Tue 1/6/2009 02:44PM
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The Giving Tree Band is the best string band you have never heard of. Those dudes are super conscious and really bring it.

DubSaw Tue 1/6/2009 04:17PM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


did i seriously get negative thumbs down three times for mentioning bisco????

super weak !

this does look like a pretty cool festival but it happened nearly two months ago !!!

MadonMDR Tue 1/6/2009 09:50PM
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I support your disco biscuits comment... I"m a big fan and our next project (the few of us that put on the festival) is a Bisco show here in Chicago with RJD2 and Prefuse 73. And yes, the security got too harsh and we'll be working with a different (more understanding) security team. However, there were only about 7-9 of them working that day, and those of us they weren't on to had a nice bit of freedom

rchasei Wed 1/7/2009 09:08AM
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MadonMDR - That's good to hear. It's also nice to know that the voices of the little people can be heard by the festival purveyors on this fine site. a big thank you to you and to Jambase.

shonuff Wed 1/7/2009 04:12PM
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312. A 6 piece marching band playing during the sets. A Blues Legend. A Bluegrass Legend. Great local and up and coming acts. Chicago.What else more could you want? Oh, how about free tickets (which is what I got)!

Umphreak2289 Thu 1/8/2009 11:07AM
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what is chicago bluegrass festival without COrnmeal? weak. This "festival" was a good time, could have been better tho 7 out of 10

MadonMDR Thu 1/8/2009 02:48PM
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I apologize if this sounds annoyed, but we've responded to the cornmeal situation numerous times. WHen I originally planned the show, it wasn't even a festival, but a Grisman, Cornmeal, and Majors Junction show. But Cornmeal regrettably had the Vic show already in the books and this was a conflict (only a week apart). WE are continuing to actively find a way to get them involved this year, somehow some way despite the same date conflict. Ask them yourselves. I agree, they are a must for this show.