Wilco with Barack Obama

Jeff Tweedy & Friends with Barack Obama

Jeff Tweedy, Pat Sansone, and Glenn Kotche of Wilco perform at a fundraiser for Barack Obama and talk about their support for our new leader. Then they introduce Obama and talk about his iPod. Check out the good times here:

Wilco's next show is on 11/29 in Halifax, NS with Neil Young. Complete dates available here.


[Published on: 11/6/08]

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Jeff Kash Thu 11/6/2008 08:27AM
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RichardHaley Thu 11/6/2008 08:32AM
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That was cool! These message boards are wierd, like is Glamour Prof being serious? Wilco sucks balls? Really? Like all music/art, it's about taste, but man, i think wilco is easily one of the best bands on the planet, every album and every show is a great one... anyway, to each their own - go wilco, go Bama, go hope, go progress, what a time to be alive.

mcfarlands412 starstarstarstar Thu 11/6/2008 08:35AM
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wilco is excellent

Michael9 starstarstarstarstar Thu 11/6/2008 08:39AM
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Wilco rules!

Deklen Thu 11/6/2008 08:42AM
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Should this have maybe been announced before Obama was elected president?

Hotchkiss starstarstar Thu 11/6/2008 08:42AM
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not enjoying a band is one thing, but when say a group of extreamly talented musicians "sucks balls"; your really saying "i'm the most ignorant person in the world when it comes to music".

jalew Thu 11/6/2008 08:55AM
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Wilco makes beautiful music and i'm a bit jealous that some of you cats get to see them open for Neil. I just caught the Neil tour in...um..cough..Reno and it was hot! It was Death Cab's last night of the tour. I'm glad I got to see them since I probably wouldn't pay to see them otherwise. But I wish it was Wilco. That woulda' made the night that much sweeter.

moephishH2O starstarstarstarstar Thu 11/6/2008 08:59AM
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Wilco is amazing. I've been listening to them since A.M. came out and they've never let me down. The show in Bend this past August was perfect.

Chaloupka Thu 11/6/2008 09:12AM
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I think McCain is actually relieved that he didn't win.

vollostcom Thu 11/6/2008 09:14AM
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BGsteveBG Thu 11/6/2008 09:24AM
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futhepharmer Thu 11/6/2008 09:30AM
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futhepharmer Thu 11/6/2008 09:39AM
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Wilco...unbelievably incredible. If you don't like this band, then you must have lost your taste for good music

BGsteveBG Thu 11/6/2008 09:51AM
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futhepharmer Thu 11/6/2008 09:55AM
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sorry, please don't bash my new president untill he deserves it. OK?

BGsteveBG Thu 11/6/2008 09:55AM
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futhepharmer is also the one that said if you dont like obama, it's because youre racist.... fucking moron..

O1Roggae Thu 11/6/2008 09:56AM
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Obama will help make a lot of shit better and he will bring diversity to the senate and congress. Something the Repubs wouldn't have done. Fuck bush and the GOP

BGsteveBG Thu 11/6/2008 10:00AM
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futhepharmer Thu 11/6/2008 10:20AM
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thanks, I kinda lost it there for a second.

Listen, I don't think the guy is the be all and end all of politicians, I know he has his quirks and am sure things he did to ascend in politics were in some cases less than chill. I don't, and am sure neither do you, know exactly what it takes to make it in the world of politics in this day and age.

I just like the guy, as much as you can like someone you've never met, just know through what you see on TV, the news, reading about the man's life story and history, and you're overall innerself knowing that he's a genuine good person. I like what he says, did you see the speach on election night? I thought it was one of the best I've ever seen from a President elect, and I've seen quite a few as you know by now. I also thought McCains speech was awesome as well.

I just hope as we all do that he holds up well to the treacherous world of American Politics. Corruption and Greed come in all forms and they are indeed still present in the current administration.

Whats done is done and lets give the man who is our president elect a fair chance, I don't emvy the job ahead of him. It's gonna be tuff...for us all.


futhepharmer Thu 11/6/2008 10:40AM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Also, an apologie to all of Jambase folks for the original horrible comment. see above ^ for explanation, tho I realize it's not an excuse. I'm sorry

phishspread-aholic Thu 11/6/2008 11:12AM
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SmashySmashy Thu 11/6/2008 11:25AM
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goodgoogs starstarstarstar Thu 11/6/2008 11:31AM
-2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


What song is this??

tcuchad Thu 11/6/2008 12:01PM
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I guess most don't read the comment agreement before they start raving on here like lunatics and attacking with nothing but middle school type rhetoric. Obama didn't run on a "peace ticket." He all along has said we need to get out of Iraq but that wasn't letting Bin Laden off the hook. As far as a lot of the other profane and ignorant bashing here that's not going to get us anywhere, so step up, say something intelligent and make the change you want to see. I think Obama will be listening more than any president we've had in close to 100 years. This country has been divided for much too long and we haven't accomplished anything positive domestically or globally in quite some time. We need to move forward and not look back. Somehow Bush got two terms to lead this country, can we at least give Obama a year or two before the bashing begins?

jeffofromknox Thu 11/6/2008 12:02PM
-2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


how many political articles is jambase going to post? am i the only person who's sick of seeing this kind when i want to read about music?

jeffofromknox Thu 11/6/2008 12:03PM
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DeadBandofPhishes420 Thu 11/6/2008 01:04PM
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you are all idiots....obama and mccain are both on the same team so one of them could get into the white house and use the oval offices secret tunnel to go under the smithsonian and steal the hope diamond....jeez get a clue

tcuchad Thu 11/6/2008 01:55PM
-2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

deadbandofphishes is another one just making ignorant generalized statements. get a clue dude, obama ran a campaign unlike any seen before, no one owns him, the people paid for his election elected him into being president. please expand on how obama and mccain are the same and what do you propose we do differently? have yourself another 420 dude!

BGsteveBG Thu 11/6/2008 02:44PM
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tcuchad, do yourself a favor and watch last night's South Park episode.

WharfRat Thu 11/6/2008 03:14PM
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haha funny how all the young people are all gung-ho for our president when he's fresh and a new face. Little the the kiddies know that ALL presidents are just the faces used to convey messages with a lulling effect to the people that elected this pawn, so the irrational and selfish decisions made in the white house can be sugar-coated a bit and justified by your neighborhood friendly black-white-indonesian multi-racial multi-faceted man. What a manipulative scam. Just give it a year and we'll all be screaming Obama you Bastard! just like every other president, ever.

chinchillafury Thu 11/6/2008 04:40PM
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goodgoogs - The Late Greats

philhitz Thu 11/6/2008 05:01PM
-2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

i prefer jay farrar

ecnal starstarstarstarstar Thu 11/6/2008 05:32PM
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vollostcom Thu 11/6/2008 07:56PM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


b/c the democrats are the ones "or the hollywood ones" who say they are going to leave the country if a certain somebody is elected, not the others...thanks for all the negative votes above....all im saying is keep my music clean and keep the fucking politics out of it....

Barjazid Thu 11/6/2008 09:43PM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


^Wow vollostcom that is easily one of the most overgeneralizing statements I've ever heard or read. So you've heard a few dems say they are going to leave the country? So I guess every right wing gun toting racist out there speaks for you? Well I'll just do some overgeneralizing myself and assume so. Keep politics out of music? Geez...Politics is part of our lives and culture that why music can be a medium for almost anything. But not in your world huh? Well I'll just stay in my world.

Who would have figured that the depths of the right wing bitter babies would congregate here on jambase. Go figure...

vollostcom Thu 11/6/2008 09:56PM
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discomcgee Thu 11/6/2008 10:40PM
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dont you think its racist that black people voted for obama based soley on the fact that he is black?

Shmo-Kaine star Fri 11/7/2008 05:09AM
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bubbarock starstarstarstarstar Fri 11/7/2008 06:40AM
-2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Wilco is def. not the band they used to be...Jeff Tweedy is a changed man since rehab...the band members have changed SO many times...and the band does not have the edge they had since Uncle Tupelo...but, come on...Jambase is about the music, passion, and reporting musical affluences. Not about politics,racism,and profanity.

tcuchad Fri 11/7/2008 11:28AM
-2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

hey wharfrat, BGsteveBG and vollostcom-you got it all wrong. BGsteveBG, i don't need to get my information, facts or news or popular culture from that stench of a show "Southpark" or from youtube or anything else like that. I choose to read! Hey Wharfrat you must think you're the old hippy genius here but I bet I've been around these parts much longer, I ain't no fresh face democrat, nor would I ever call myself a democrat or republican. vollostcom, you better check who you're representing there with your LoS banner. they didn't vote for mccain! It would be nice if you guys had any facts or anything worth reading here instead of a bunch of over generalized statements with no merit behind them. Read a book!

vollostcom Fri 11/7/2008 12:28PM
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vollostcom Fri 11/7/2008 12:29PM
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vollostcom Fri 11/7/2008 12:30PM
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jeffofromknox Sat 11/8/2008 09:25AM
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nugghupher starstarstarstarstar Sat 11/8/2008 08:23PM
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to whom might be concerned, my name is Billy Oreilly and u all can eat my wet twat with you political nonsense, then when ur done u can choke on Orack Baroma's 13 inch jungle meatstick.

Ummm Long live Phish U Pinheads........

elephantghost Sun 11/9/2008 03:31PM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

I enjoyed the video.

I like Wilco and Obama.

Jambase did this for me, not you.

If you don't like it, you tube has plenty of music related videos for you.

Barjazid Mon 11/10/2008 09:58PM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!



Some of the things i'm reading from your posts are absoulultey astounding me.

vollostcom wrote: "if it would have been a white democrat running for president, and lets say colin powell even tho thats worst example, or any black person running in the repub. spot, the repubs would have won, people were not voting(in the black pop)for what they believe in, they just wanted a black in that spot, so go back to your fucking world asshole, and stay out of mine.."

Is anyone else but me completely and utterly flabbergasted by this statement? You honestly think that I'm Obama ran as a republican, under republican "values" he would have one?!?! Yes some black people voted for Obama because he's black. But how many whites didn't vote for Obama because he's black? Or how about catholics voting for JFK and the protestants that refused to? I guess that slipped your mind?

Don't you remember when Jesse Jackson ran? He didn't get very far because even most black people supported the other guys. There are millions of people (black and white) who voted on a basis that doesn't even approach racial reasons. Obama had the biggest coalition of voters than any other candidate in history. But that doesn't mean anything right?

There's so much more to say; think I'm going to start a thread

willydog Tue 11/11/2008 04:17PM
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Vollostcom...if your profile is correct..and that picture is you...then by your logic we should have voted for a fat, bald headed hillbilly. Why don't you spend the rest of the day flossing your single tooth. Blacks voted because they wanted a black man? You, sir, are part of the deliverence fan club. Douche.

roserock starstarstarstarstar Wed 11/12/2008 08:59PM
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First and foremost, thank you Wilco for your support and fundraiser for Obama. I love your music and you are on my ipod, my computer, and MySpace. Chicago it appears, is the heart and soul of this country of ours. Those of us who understand what that means, would also understand the agreement before posting, to not personally attack, flame, be racist, etc. Seems there are many here with short-term memory loss, the inability to read, and the ignorance to call Obama a "black man." He isn't. He is a man of color and he has African ancestry, it is not the same folks. Wake up, it is 2008 or didn't you get the MEMO? By the way, spellcheck is awesome too, ya oughta try it sometime. Thank God intelligence is back in the White House! Thanks again Wilco!