The story of the Beastie Boys reads like every kid's wildest dream. They were three hoodlums with delusions of grandeur, who took their outspoken style, and became perhaps the biggest punk/rap band ever. Not only did they sell a whole lot of albums, they taught themselves how to play instruments, and slipped out of their original harsh teenage shoes to become a tightly knit, funked out groove machine.

The story of these three visionaries continued to unfold like a fairy tale. In addition to conquering the teen world with their trend setting debut album Licensed To Ill, following it up with "The Abbey Road of the 80's" in Paul's Boutique, an incredible album with little critical acclaim, they reinvented themselves as a musical outfit that could really throw down original funky grooves like the ones they used to lift. They just got bigger and bigger with albums Check Your Head, Ill Communication, and Hello Nasty. During this time span, they gave birth to the record label, clothing company, web site, and magazine; Grand Royal, as well as brought lots of light to the unfortunate situation in Tibet, through their Tibetan Freedom Concerts.

It is at this point that I am sorry to announce that the all-encompassing entity Grand Royal is closing down. It truly is a sad day when after 10 years of really keeping it real we must bid farewell to the Beastie Boys brain child. Mike D had this to say,

"Thank you to our friends, staff, interns, bands, supporters, online peoples, etc-everyone who has put a little bit of themselves into the Grand Royal world over the years. Hopefully we did more good than bad and gave people enjoyment, amusement, fun, and some stuff to think about along the way. We never knew or even really thought about what Grand Royal could and would become when we started it, we just did it. And we certainly had no idea how it would end. Hopefully others will embark on missions of their own in the future or as of now with the same unknowing spirit and fill whatever void may be created in our absence. Thanks again everyone - Mike D."

Amidst the sadness of loosing this great company, the notion that anything is possible rises above the gloom. Grand Royal proves that you can do it. You don't need buckets of cash, friends in high places, or even a musical background. Take it from the Beastie Boys, if you want to do it, DO IT. You too could have a skate ramp and basketball court in your office. You can design clothes, you can make records, you can even cut an album. Don't fear the unknown, dive in head first, and follow the path blazed by these three.

Now make no mistake, this is certainly not the end of the Beastie Boys. They will continue to alter the music world, and affect the bigger picture as well with activities such as supporting a free Tibet through the Milarepa Fund that they helped set up in '94. Grand Royal will morph with to become a new and improved site; so don't forget to check your head in over there during the upcoming weeks.

As Grand Royal closes take Mike D's words to heart, go out and chase your dreams. Don't simply take what's offered, go get what you deserve. If the Beastie's have shown us nothing else, it's that you really can do it.

The Kayceman
JamBase World Headquarters
San Francisco, CA

[Published on: 10/4/01]

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