Sea of Dreams NYE w/ Thievery

Sea of Dreams NYE with Thievery Corporation, Bassnectar & Much More

Thievery Corporation
AnonEvents, Sunset Promotions and blasthaus invite you to immerse yourself in a SEA OF DREAMS - a multi-stage, multi-environment fantasyland and the Bay Area's most extravagant New Year's production featuring a full live show by D.C.'s world-electronic superstars Thievery Corporation, as well as San Francisco's own national electronic star Bassnectar, the 25-piece indie-techno-circus act The Mutaytor, L.A.'s famed circus crew Cirque Berzerk, Bay Area trip-hop heroes BLVD, DJ sets by Motion Potion (Funkonnection-SFO), Little John (Raindance-Santa Cruz), Malarkey (Juke Joint-Sebastopol), and Maneesh the Twister (Surya Dub-SFO). With more acts still to be announced, Sea of Dreams promises to be one of the most sought-after New Years tickets in the United States.

A limited quantity of discount advance tickets available beginning Sunday October 26 at 10 a.m. PDT here.

Check out our recent exclusive feature/interview with Thievery's Eric Hilton here, and be sure to watch our JamBaseTV interview with Rob Garza here...

[Published on: 10/22/08]

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MostlyDead starstarstarstar Wed 10/22/2008 03:58PM
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mutaytor is sweet

adamjfreed Wed 10/22/2008 04:14PM
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wow, san fran is getting all the sick nye shows this year

soulink starstarstarstarstar Wed 10/22/2008 04:25PM
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Sooooooooo GOING!

powernet Wed 10/22/2008 04:26PM
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man if phil dosent get the nye late slot after rat dog i will be here theivery is amazing live

allthink Wed 10/22/2008 05:03PM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


no Lesh, No Weir, No P Funk in San Fran for me...THIEVERY ALLLLL NIGHT....

hawkleberry Wed 10/22/2008 05:15PM
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How is the sound at the Concourse? I heard it sucks, but I haven't actually seen a show there.

Recreational Chemist Wed 10/22/2008 05:17PM
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Recreational Chemist

is this the same title that cheese used for there new years last year or two years ago? do they do this very year with different acts? looks sweet anyways

Swabeky Wed 10/22/2008 05:17PM
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Damn, wish I could be there for Thievery, they fucking own live

PooDolla Wed 10/22/2008 05:26PM
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Little John is the man!!!!

Mr_McDankenstein Wed 10/22/2008 07:27PM
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I've been at the Concourse and I was worried about the sound during the opening act but when the headliner came on I was impressed. I really enjoyed the venue because it's kind of big I thought. Problem is it's in the middle of nowhere SF, literally I asked like 8 SF natives if they knew where it was and they had no idea. buy cigarettes before going to that area and don't plan on having lots of choices for food afterward, because there's nothing

Phattiebace Wed 10/22/2008 07:28PM
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hawkleberry, the concourse is HUGE, it has like 3 different rooms with 3 different stages, and all other sorts of cool shennanigans on new years, I saw cheese there for new years 06 and was an amazing experience.

silent9bass starstarstarstar Wed 10/22/2008 07:52PM
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Where's the DC love Thievery? I know san fran's sick but comon'... Everybody on the west coast should be at this show, sounds like one hell of a time!

gratefulgrass234 starstarstarstarstar Wed 10/22/2008 08:26PM
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nhtrailblazer Thu 10/23/2008 06:03AM
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The concourse doesnt have the best sound, but the sea of dreams events are sick, went 2 years ago and was the time of my life. this year with TC should be amazing

Entangled Minds Clothing Thu 10/23/2008 06:21AM
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Entangled Minds Clothing

amazing event.. good acts,

but wheres the diversity?

AZ~*Droo* starstarstarstarstar Thu 10/23/2008 08:15AM
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wow! im so stoked to hear this. im gonna try to make this happen.

HoodooVoodoo starstarstarstarstar Thu 10/23/2008 09:09AM
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Did someone say Lil John? WHAT?!!! OKAY!!!!!

Jazzzzz starstarstarstarstar Thu 10/23/2008 10:26AM
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Saw TC there a couple of years ago. Was packed with people! I think it holds about 5,000 or more? The sound is soooooo NOT good, but that is if your used to good venues and good sound (me used too and spoiled), this would not be my choice at all. However, that being said, I have never been to the Sea of Dreams gig that they often hold there and I hear they are really fun. You know the typical SF Burningman scene........ if your into that sort of thing. The line up looks great! AHHHHHH FREAK OUT!

BIGDOOBIE Thu 10/23/2008 11:14AM
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why is everyone migrating to san fran for new years...... spread the wealth!

HoodooVoodoo starstarstarstarstar Thu 10/23/2008 01:01PM
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Yeah...why can't they have the Sea of Dreams in Bay Village, OH this year? That would be F'in sweet!!!

George W. Bush II starstarstarstarstar Thu 10/23/2008 01:46PM
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George W. Bush II

I would seriously give me left nut for this show, anybody need one?

treyisdarthvader Sun 10/26/2008 06:30PM
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i can't believe any of yall r thinkin about missin phil n bobby for thievery... every thievery show is the same and although they r Amazing, the boys will b on for NYE and thats where everyone should b...

‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^› {¬¿¬} starstarstarstarstar Tue 10/28/2008 04:14AM
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‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^›      {¬¿¬}

this would be another great choice for NYE :)