Rocktober: Get Out And Vote!

Josh Clark - Tea Leaf Green

Is this election different than past elections, why or why not?

Josh Clark by Josh Miller
This election, like every one before it, is the present culmination of every election in United States history. To say this election is the most important since - fill in the blank - is missing the point a bit. EVERY election is the most important because what is decided in the present will absolutely impact the future. Ask yourself if there would be such a boundary breaking political landscape today were it not for eight years of the Bush administration. In the end I hope if this election is different than the last two, then it will be different because people show up and vote, and it will be different because our votes will count.

What is the relationship between music and politics - and how, if at all, has this relationship affected your music?

The relationship with music and politics can be a slippery slope. I try to keep them separated. While there is political commentary in some of TLG's music, we try to refrain from speaking from the stage directly about our feelings, cough... OBAMA... cough. Politics and our future can be such a heavy thing that I feel people go to a rock show to escape that heaviness and just feel good, so it can be a disconnect when you mix the too. On the other hand it can be fucking sweet, look at Rage Against The Machine. Honestly, I'm not well enough informed to be a preacher. All I want is people to think for themselves and make their decisions based on the issues that mean something to them and what they need out of their leaders, not Donkeys, Elephants, and Red and Blue colors.

If you could speak directly to all American voters, what would you say?

I would say get off your ass and vote, vote for yourself if you want, vote for Yoda, who gives a shit, just go out and do your part. Vote goddamit!

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