Dennen Gets Kuti on Album


Brett Dennen
Singer/Songwriter Brett Dennen will release HOPE FOR THE HOPELESS on October 21, 2008 with Dualtone Music Group/Downtown Music. The follow-up to his 2006 break-through album features an electric take on the established touring musician's narrative-rich writing and pop, folk, rock and Afro-Caribbean sounds. With his rapid success, Dennen has evolved into one of today's most promising live performers. As his growth readies him for a full-band headlining tour in early 2009, he will first backtrack to smaller venues and clubs for a pared-down "mini-tour" following the release of HOPE FOR THE HOPELESS (dates to be announced).

The album's first single, "Make You Crazy," (listen below) is a deceptively infectious song featuring Nigerian Afrobeat star, Femi Kuti. Dennen explains, "I made the song catchy but it's about all the injustice in the world. 'It's enough to make you go crazy... and I'm amazed I haven't yet.'"

HOPE FOR THE HOPELESS was recorded at the Village Recorder Studios in Los Angeles with multi-platinum producer John Alagia (John Mayer, Dave Matthews Band). Dennen cites inspiration ranging from Fela Kuti's Expensive Shit/Ransome Kuti, to Joni Mitchell's Court And Spark, to The Rolling Stones' Exile On Main St. – not to mention his time spent crisscrossing the country performing to audiences that continue to double with each return.

[Published on: 8/22/08]

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Jeff Kash Fri 8/22/2008 07:50AM
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malgal Fri 8/22/2008 08:22AM
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Hey none of that. It sounds like the album will have some meaning to it at least .. and that single IS pretty catchy.

omoelenia starstarstarstar Fri 8/22/2008 01:35PM
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I'm kinda disappointed that Femi did not add a saxophone solo to the song.

Great track though, and I hope they collaborate again.

MVL1 starstarstarstarstar Fri 8/22/2008 01:44PM
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Wow - powerful words - Brett Says "it's about all the injustice in the world. 'It's enough to make you go crazy... and I'm amazed I haven't yet." - indeed Brett - are these words intended for the rest of us to believe in? Don't you want to take them to heart & actions?. It's easy to say you care about the injustices of the world and sing about how others should change to fix them. The real test is looking inside yourself and your actions. Why don't you ever talk about the people who made it possible to get in front of so many & sing your beautiful songs? The people who believed in you & knew you could really move people to change? It doesn't take anything special to sit in judgement of every else's actions and not address your own. If Brett really wanted to make a change, he'd take personal steps with his own actions. I watched Brett's career from the beginning - indeed, I was on the inside of it at the inception in 2003 & I was part of the making of it, thru 2007. Now, Brett ignores & erases any memory of the kindness, decency, emotional & financial support afforded him by so many (especially his former mgr, Leslie Merical). It 'is enough to make you go crazy indeed!' This is not a personal attack - we all fell under the spell & cared for & nurtured Brett along because we believed in what he was singing. It's a plea for Brett to step up to being a real example of change in the world. For the benefit of all of us & the people who buy his image & words. Leslie convinced people to listen to Brett & convinced them to support his work before anyone wanted to on their own. John Mayer, Dualtone, Mayer's Mgr would never have met Brett or known his name without her work & the support she gave him. She spent years creating, nurturing and financing the foundation for him to succeed, indeed, she was half of what made it work. His wonderful songs of course, were the other half of it working. Then he walked over her hard working, kind hearted back to take his place among to soon-to-be-well-known, and promptly erased the years of work everyone did from his memory, bio, stories & acknowlegement. Leslie Merical was the one who gave Brett his 1st "big break". She made it possible for him to 'happen'. Well, like Brett is so adept at saying, it just makes you crazy! Crazy for forgetting where he came from & who got him there. Wake up Brett - your words and songs are beautiful, but they're just empty without a man behind them who walks the walk - don't be a cliche' - practice what you preach to so many . . . we believe you can do the right thing & change the world - start with yourself . . . make a difference! Make the singer worthy of the gift of the songs!

lovemusicfood star Fri 8/22/2008 08:27PM
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We are the world.... Why is he so happy and poppy while singing about those things????

burn starstarstarstarstar Sat 8/23/2008 09:18AM
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MVL1: I respected your opinion and personal knowledge of Brett's career... until I realized you made an account JUST to post this "crazy" rambling. I'm guessing Brett had a reason to do whatever he did (which is very unclear by your rant).

I really like Brett and I'm not sure what you were really saying, but I hope yours and Leslie's careers are still able to continue.

I hope you're not Leslie too, that'd be pretty ridiculous.

Cheers to JamBase, cheers to Brett and cheers to Femi! Fela RIP

Flat5 Sat 8/23/2008 02:29PM
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mlv1, thats crazy indeed. pretty pissed, huh? interesting post.

Jahvision Sun 8/24/2008 02:09PM
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looks like brett pissed off some friends...looks like he's got some money now and having a good one died so what's the big deal

loudooben10 starstarstarstarstar Mon 8/25/2008 04:23PM
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bless up good music soon it will heal the hearts that have been broken and free the minds that are filled with hate

HoodooVoodoo starstarstarstarstar Tue 8/26/2008 09:17PM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Sounds like the ginger baby left a bitter taste in someone's mouth...