Enviro Interview w/ Perry Farrell

GreenBase's Exclusive Interview with Perry Farrell

Perry Farrell
Perry Farrell was kind enough to give GreenBase (JamBase's site dedicated to the intersection of music and climate change) a brief interview at Lollapalooza where we talked about the roots of his environmentalism, fancy new energy-efficient speakers, and the environmental folly of CD production.

Check out the entire interview here.

And if you haven't already, be sure to peep our review of Lollapalooza here.


[Published on: 8/11/08]

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iwantstogetfunkedup Mon 8/11/2008 03:33PM
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Perry's a badass. A man long before his time with Janes Addiction and Lollapalooza.

allthink Mon 8/11/2008 04:58PM
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Perry is a living legend...EVERYTIME I hear Jane Says live in Alpine Meadows...I trance out and imagine so vididly myself there, jamin' and groovin hard...not too many others songs bring that kind of journey.

kirkbrew star Tue 8/12/2008 07:13AM
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Wow - Perry does all those things? What a man! He's changing the concert scene, he's getting people to think, he's even changing the music industry. He does everything and is a great human – just ask him and he won’t shut up. Next thing he will do is save a baby from a burning building. I guess he needs to do something because he's not making music.

And give them $5 and your sins are washed away. So...Catholic!

As for the sub-woofers at "Perry's", his comment "They don't have any amps for the speakers" is not true. The amp is built into the speaker. As for the 1/16th power savings, highly dubious.

"the biodiesel generator came to be more practical and accessible" Actually, most large generators are diesel and there is no problem running bio-d in a regular engine.

"I'm really happy to report that we were a completely carbon offset company this year, save for the audience themselves." What about the bands traveling to the event?

My fav was in an interview with WXRT, he was talking up the "tasty Budweiser micro brews". The guy is a total shill and phony.

kirkbrew star Tue 8/12/2008 07:20AM
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Nice to see that they were not there to totally kiss ass. Nothing saus "We are Green" like bottled water. And the final note, "The greening efforts here are more than a token gesture, but they don't really seem to be looking to improve year over year, and they definitely aren't engaging the fans. Despite the enthusiasm from management, there's a general lack of green awareness throughout."

sbruce44 starstarstarstarstar Tue 8/12/2008 08:21AM
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Ah, yes... the moral quandary of putting on a large festival or concert and trying to call it "green" with a straight face...

They know their consumer demographic - it doesn't take much to get concert-goers to convince themselves that their participation in something as innately un-green as a rock and roll concert is somehow helping the environment. Not that the small steps to conserve as much energy as possible aren't noble - I don't think anyone would argue that - but trying to say a concert is "neutral" or "offsetting" is just a marketing ploy, because event planners know you will eat that shit up. Call me old-fashioned, but I would rather we just injected a little honesty and sensibility into our conversations about energy, and say what we all, at some level, really believe: gratuitous waste is irresponsible, but rock and roll is intrinsically carbon and energy inefficient, and there are just some things that are worth expending massive amounts of energy for.

BRabbit Tue 8/12/2008 09:01AM
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i am sorry you can say green all you want, but the trash that was left on the ground was a disgrace. they need more trash and recycle bins there. plus for fucking sakes throw your shit away or pick some shit up while your getting another round. on the other hand i love perry we share the same birthday thats fucking cute.

iwantstogetfunkedup Tue 8/12/2008 09:42AM
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Jesus christ kirkbrew! At least somebody is trying to do something positive with live music events. This conversation was never even on the table 5 years ago. I know you're the almighty authority on the environment but why not applaud somebody who is thinking about these issues and trying some things to help instead of shooting down every effort Perry made with your lames ass comebacks. Bottled water?? Its everywhere moron. Do you expect Perry to do away with bottled water? Come on. I've met Perry by the way and he was a genuine, super nice guy for the record.

kirkbrew Thu 8/14/2008 08:22AM
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iwantstogetfunkedup - Glad you and Perry are BFF's.

As opposed to bottled water? How about giving everyone Nalgene bottles in their gif baskets?

I realize that some people are stuck in their old, consumerist ways, but solving the problems that we face needs to be done at a level of thinking different than when we created them.

So - put your thinking cap on, develop new habits other than consumerism and don't be a green-lemming.