Luke Doucet | 07.10.08 | Michigan

By: Joseph Carver

Luke Doucet :: 07.10.08 :: The Ark :: Ann Arbor, MI

Luke Doucet from
On this evening, a fight broke out on the main stage at The Ark. On one side, weighing in at about 120 pounds soaking wet was guitar slinger Luke Doucet. On the other side was an oversized hollow body Gretsch with the name "White Falcon." It was back and forth for the better part of an hour, and in the end the select few who came out early to see this pair were declared the unanimous winners.

Doucet, a Nova Scotia native and former guitarist for Sarah McLachlan took the stage in support of his new solo release, Blood's Too Rich, with backup band, The White Falcon. From the moment he plugged in, it was clear that his live show was going to be a more guitar driven experience than the record. Doucet opened with "Longhaul Driver," opting for a surf rock driven solo intro before heading into the song about life on the road. The live version came like a blast from the stage – a signal to the crowd that this was not to be a typical hushed Ark affair.

With a capable rhythm guitarist in wife Melissa McLelland the White Falcons left Doucet free to roam with his guitar. Next, on "Blood's Too Rich," we got a taste of the three-part harmony between Doucet, McLelland and White Falcon bass player Rick Levesque. Again, the Gretsch played star as Doucet grimaced each time it released reverb. He is so animated while playing that it was hard to take your eyes off of him. At times it looked like love between he and his White Falcon, at other times it looked like war. Both results played spectacularly in the exquisite and storied Ark.

Luke Doucet from
Doucet introduced "The Day Rick Danko Died" as a song about "one of his favorite bass players." The White Falcon band sounded like a honky tonk machine while Doucet told the tale of an old guitar player mourning the loss of Danko in a Woodstock bar. Storytelling continued as Doucet spoke about relocating to Nashville and being skeptical of the music business before introducing "Motor Bike," a song co-written by singer- songwriter Mike Plume. The simple song about a midlife crisis brought the crowd to a hush as Doucet's delivery turned into barely more than a whisper before being joined again by McLelland on the chorus. Despite Doucet's proclivity to turn and perform to his wife, he spent a great amount of time front and center, displaying true guitar chops for the attentive crowd.

The highlight of the abbreviated set came when Doucet told the crowd that growing up his dream was to travel, adding that in that dream he was always in Cleveland. Once the laughter died down, he introduced "Cleveland" with the story of being on tour and alone in Ohio and catching Emmylou Harris and Gillian Welch. The song has so many insider references to Ohio's history that it's difficult to believe he never lived there, and it possessed a transfixing quality as he sang of road boredom, loneliness and love. As the song worked towards its solo, McLelland picked up an original '52 Telecaster that was sitting unused up to that point and the two shared center stage.

"First Day In A New Home Town," a Jayhawks-esque track from the new release, would end up being the last Doucet song of the evening. A track inspired presumably by Doucet's relocation to Nashville, it was an impressive mix of alt-country and the surf rock guitar work that Doucet naturally leans toward. Harmony and solo interchanges that Mark Olson and Gary Louris would be proud of gave way to the most vocal appreciation the crowd showed all night.

With the warning that there was only time for one more song, Doucet's mention of his wife's solo record led to a chorus of demands for a McLelland to lead a number. The obliging bandleader and loving husband gave the spotlight to the very capable McLelland, who closed the show with the country themed "Glen Rio." The 300 or so in attendance gave more than the obligatory applause and appeared to register their pleasure at the merchandise table as well.

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[Published on: 7/22/08]

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porchrind Tue 7/22/2008 01:20PM
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I am a pretty arvent music fan but suprisingly never had heard of this guy before....he (and his band) blew me away he is an amazing guitar player and songwriter and worked the crowd well. Wish you would have mentioned the opener Jenny Owen-Youngs and the closer, the reason why I came to the show the Duhks who put on an awesome show. Otherwise a nice review. People in the great lakes portion of the midwest you must make it to the Ark for a once in a lifetime concert experience...unless, like me, you go there all the time!

timmyp starstarstarstarstar Tue 7/22/2008 03:30PM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


I did not go to this show, but I would like to echo porchrind's feelings about the ark. Going there, you get a concert experience you will probably not get anywhere else. I have been there for Keller Williams, Taj Mahal, and JJ Cale. Each time it is a wholly different experience than what I am used to with these same artists. It's a VERY small venue (I believe there are only 12 rows of seats) and the all volunteer staff is kind as could be. Glad to see the ark get some love on jambase.

21mmer starstarstarstarstar Tue 7/22/2008 05:48PM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


yes, the ark is a gem of a venue in a gem of a city.

Chaloupka Wed 7/23/2008 07:47AM
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Never heard of him before, but this dude has a cool sound!

mfgoof Wed 7/23/2008 09:09AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

The Ark! w00t!!! Lots of good shows at the Ark but I remember Leftover most fondly.

Hardfeelings Wed 7/23/2008 10:44AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Thanks for the comments.For what its worth, the review was intended to be just for Luke. I enjoyed Jenny's set and hope to write about her in the future.