Hackensaw Boys | 06.14 | Georgia

Words by: Frank Etheridge | Images by: Anthony A. Bowers

Hackensaw Boys :: 06.14.08 :: The Loft :: Columbus, GA

Hackensaw Boys :: 06.14 :: Columbus, GA
By way of introduction, Hackensaw Boys boast a few seconds into the folkish fury that is their most recent studio effort, 2007's Look Out!, that, "We're the Hackensaw Boys, gonna bring you a helluva time."

This prediction held true at The Loft, as the Boys had a one-night stand in Georgia between tour stops in Asheville, NC and Birmingham's City Stages Festival. The band thrilled a foot-stompin', whiskey-swillin' and hoot-and-hollerin' audience it held captive through two sets and an encore that was, at its more frenzied moments, equal parts hoedown and musical experience.

Nearing the decade mark of relentless touring, the Hackensaws have carved out quite a niche for themselves, creating a sound that's just at home at sunshine and rainbows festivals as it is in chicken wire and busted beer bottle roadhouses. They are ever-mindful of the bluegrass traditions of the Blue Ridge – the band hails from Charlottesville, Virginia in the heart of this storied region – and this respect shines through in superb craftsmanship, especially on their albums.

But, it's a crazed connection the Hackensaw Boys have to the ancient Celtic intonations that inspired bluegrass and country in their respective home states (the band members' hometowns stretch from Deep South Louisiana to the upper stretches of Appalachia). Their songs tell old-timey stories, marked with verses that are narrative vehicles for tales of women and whiskey, life and death.

However, their musical reverence is infused with a punk-rock sense of urgency and no-bullshit swagger. The rapid-fire succession of Americana that is the hallmark of their live shows is not for the faint of heart. If you're crippled inside, feeble outside or just a bit too buzzed, their energy is likely to whip you like a rented mule. But it's in that agitation where a lot of the magic of a Hackensaw show lives. The band does not map out a setlist prior to stepping on the stage, typically preferring to size up the crowd before picking out what songs to play. The band's previous stop in Columbus was on a weeknight last summer, a show marked with more subdued songs for a more sober audience. This show was markedly different, fast and quick-hitting from the start.

Hackensaw Boys :: 06.14 :: Columbus, GA
The first set was highlighted by crowd pleasers such as "Baltimore," "Sweet Petunia" and "Gospel Plow." Then things got loose. Bartenders brought shots to the stage. Fiddler Ferd "Four" Moyse busted banjo player Shawn "Mang Tang" Galbraith's balls about looking like Wade Boggs before shouting, "Is everyone having a good time?" A resounding chorus of rebel yells was the answer.

The second set opened with the appropriate "Sweet On Me," with its refrain of "Alabama's getting near," considering that the Chattahoochee River separating Georgia from Alabama is only a few hundred feet from the venue. After "Sweet On Me," the crowd and band really seemed to click. After a few switches of instrumentation, Rob "Mahlon" Bullington was back at home on bass and thumped a thunderous lead into "Oh Girl." The band turned a tight corner after a frenetic finish to "Oh Girl" and slammed right into "Cannonball." Moyse went all wild-eyed mad scientist at this point, feverishly striking his bow across the washboard part of Justin "Salvage" Neauhardt's unique, hand-crafted kit. "I got tons of junk on that thing," Neauhardt explained after the show. "I got juice cans. I got soup cans. I got tin cans. I got the hubcap of a '67 Chrysler."

"Whiskey, Momma" and "Look Out Dog, Slow Down Train" provided a wild finish that was capped off by the typical Hackensaw encore, where the whole band steps off stage and play in the midst of the fans, a nod to days gone by when they played in the streets. "Take Me There," "Put The Chain On" and "Poor Thing" filled the encore and thrilled a rowdy crowd before sending them home satisfied.

"We go on feel," Neauhardt said about their approach to playing and song selection. "Tonight felt wild. It felt fast. It felt good."

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boxofrain Mon 7/7/2008 05:19PM
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moemoe6434 starstarstarstarstar Mon 7/7/2008 05:26PM
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i love these guys and they were one of my favorite shows this year:


DAMONCORY starstarstarstarstar Tue 7/8/2008 07:43AM
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Glad to see the boys getting some coverage. Great Band, If you like good pickin definately check these guys out when they come to your town.

twain starstarstarstarstar Thu 7/10/2008 10:05AM
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they do it a way it should be done.

mattguff9 starstarstarstarstar Sat 7/12/2008 07:15AM
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I love THB. I'll never forget their opener for RRE at The Varsity Theater in MPLS. Great venue BTW. They took the crowd to a fever pitch and RRE never matched it. That show will live in infamy in my mind as the greatest of all time.

Vegaline Fri 8/1/2008 02:26PM
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Just a little correction on this story. When talking about Rob Bullington getting back home on the bass for the song "oh girl".... Jesse Fiske is the bass player who probably got back home for that song; who also plays guitar, harmonica & accordion, looks really good, and sings a lot. Rob Bullington is the mandolin player, writes amazing songs, looks really good, sings a lot, and never switches instruments. Also, for those of you who don't know that unique handcrafted kit that Salvage plays is called "The Charismo". Either way, we love everyone's support, keep coming out to see my Boys, and remember to change your underwear. xoxox-The Den Mother