Kreutzmann-Burbridge-Murawski | 05.28

By: Bear Connelly

Kreutzmann-Burbridge-Murawski :: 05.28.08 :: Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel :: Providence, RI

KBM :: 05.28.08
Since the passing of Jerry Garcia almost 13 years ago, the music of the Grateful Dead has been carried on by hundreds of bands. Some are spin-offs that include ex-members, some feature look and sound a likes, and some are just guys at your local watering hole jamming on some old Dead classics. All contain unique interpretations of music that's touched a couple generations.

Welcome to the Dead version of the power trio. Ex-Grateful Dead drummer Bill Kreutzmann has left his quaint, tropical surroundings in Kilauea, Hawaii to provide some volcanic eruptions in the music realm. Accompanied by guitarist Scott Murawski (Max Creek) and bassist Oteil Burbridge (Allman Brothers Band), Kreutzmann is reinventing the wheel, no pun intended. KBM has taken Dead standards, Creek classics and a delightful array of cover choices and thrown them into a rock-fusion stew. Last Wednesday the band brought their bubbling cauldron to Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel for a little taste test.

"Scarlet Begonias" kicked off the night with a bouncy '77-era feel before mutating into a grungy, bluesy jam that eventually evolved into KC Douglas' "Mercury Blues." As the night progressed they seemed to be having a blast, all smiles while continually trumping each other with more virtuosity than one band can normally contain.

KBM :: 05.28.08
The band chilled out a bit with a lovely stab at "Sugaree," which highlighted Burbridge's strong, tuneful voice. Murawski then led the trio through the first of his original tunes, "Cruel World," which rocketed into a long jam before concluding with the "The Faster We Go, The Rounder We Get" section from the Dead's historic "That's It For The Other One."

As I listened to Murawski's feverish guitar licks I noticed he had a very familiar looking guitar that gave him the gleeful sustain commonly associated with Trey Anastasio. Apparently, about a year ago Murawski was mulling around in Paul Languedoc's guitar shop while visiting Vermont and came across a guitar that Paul hadn't offered up to anyone. Long story short, Paul fixed it up according to Murawski's specs and the guitar now resides in his growing guitar arsenal.

Late in the first set the band switched up their feel with a funky take on the Neville Brothers' "Yellow Moon." This gave Burbridge a chance to show off his mastery of the six-string bass and his innate ability to lay down a solid groove while interjecting his own little melodies without losing any steam.

To start the second set, they tried out "Help On The Way" with Murawski singing and emulating some of Garcia's trademark licks. Not only did this guy play the Bobby and Jerry parts, he did so with his own flare at the same time! While Burbridge would read the lyrics for the songs he sang, Murawski knew every word, every note and every inflection by heart. Mr. Kreutzmann, I think you found your go-to guitarist.

KBM :: 05.28.08
The trio continued to flex their improvisational muscle in songs like "Chains of the World" and "Mas Y Mas." Using the jazz fusion format, they would go off on completely different musical tangents before coming back to the traditional parts of each song. Despite the forays into psychedelia, the jams never lost their purpose thanks to Kreutzmann providing a solid backbone while the other guys experimented. His drums sounded amazing, too. Since they were mixed in stereo, each tom roll echoed like a wave breaking on the theater's walls. For a band that hasn't been together long they sure know how to follow one another's lead smoothly, a feat that shows how long these veterans have been in the business.

The best cover choice of the night was a tight, rhythmic, dance-provoking version of Al Green's "Rhymes" with Murawski and Burbridge sharing vocal duties on the song's "Don't let it get you down" refrain. The show closed with a hot one-two punch of Dead heavyweights "Eyes of the World" and "Bertha." The former shifted between up-beat verses and sparse harmonic riffing while the latter brought down the house with fans dancing furiously while shouting along with the song's most famous lines, "Test me, test me, why don't you arrest me?" and the final "Anymore!"

After a good five minutes of cheering and stomping, the crowd finally got the guys back onstage for an encore. They selected a staple from the late '60s Dead repertoire, "Turn On Your Love Light." Burbridge had the singing duties, which seemed a little forced at first but built momentum as he settled into some Blues Brothers quality showmanship.

In a world where bands like Dark Star Orchestra are trying to replicate a defunct band's music the way it once was, it's refreshing to see one of the guys that was actually in the band continuing to push their music into uncharted waters. KBM has added the power trio branch to the Grateful Dead family tree and its leaves are beginning to blossom.

KBM :: 05.28.08 :: Providence, RI
Set One: Scarlet Begonias > Mercury Blues, Sugaree, Cruel World > The Other One, Yellow Moon, Franklin's Tower
Set Two: Help On The Way, Chains of the World, Mas y Mas, Rhymes, Eyes of the World, Bertha
Encore: Turn On Your Love Light

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boothes Fri 6/6/2008 03:52PM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

caught the boys second show in Falls Church, only about 100 people tops. what a great expierience leaning onstage. these boys are rockin, catch them while you can

moezmoe starstarstarstarstar Fri 6/6/2008 03:55PM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

I have seen Scott Murawski over 300+ times atleast, this man is the real deal. I am so happy for him to be getting the dew props he well deserves. He will also will be with Mike Gordon this summer, another feather in his cap. Add Oteil and Billy the devil master himself, add this band will simply go off. Can not wait till the boys hit the west coast! Moe sd

Window starstarstarstarstar Fri 6/6/2008 04:17PM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Per the KBM MySpace page, they are working on a Fall 2008 debut release.

Initial meeting between BK and SM was facilitated by -- Mike Gordon.

BlowsAgainsttheEmpire starstarstarstarstar Sat 6/7/2008 03:25AM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


They'll be touring the NE in the fall in mid November too.

bigfro Sat 6/7/2008 04:35AM
+5 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Saw this on the boat. Band was great, but many of the deadheads who I used to look up to came. Of course none of them brought their wives and sat around trying to hit on my wife. They also mostly discussed how all new bands suck and they are lost in the good old days/ So sad. such vibrant folks have now turned into our parents, except instead of defending SInatra, they defend The Dead at the expense of all other musci. I LOVE THE DEAD, but it is no excuse for close mindedness and poor manners. Jerry liked many other bands. Growing old sucks

MarkBC starstarstarstarstar Sat 6/7/2008 08:21AM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Caught these guys at Toad's Place last night, I love this venue because it's such an intimate experience, you can lean right up against the state. Scott was talkin to people mid-jam all night, couldn't figure out what he was askin them. During an incredibly funky Franklin's Tower, the guys were all smiling, with Kreutzmann pushing them along into new and exciting jams. At the end the crowd went absolutely nuts, and the guys all new they had done something special. Scott goes up to the mic and says "That was fun. We've officially reached fun!"

Can't wait to catch these guys at Vibes! Seek them out, you'll never hear such furious jamming to Dead songs any where else!

yemmw Sat 6/7/2008 10:16AM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Where can I hear these guys? Oteil has long been one of my favorite bassists, and of course I love the Dead. Murawski is the only guitarist besides Trey that I've ever seen play a 'Doc, and that's officially badass.

jimmyjetski Sat 6/7/2008 11:02AM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Max Creek = big influence on Phish. Scotty = mad skills.

Grateful Red Sat 6/7/2008 12:11PM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Grateful Red

"So the other day I was writing a letter to my friend Max Creek. It said, Dear Creek.." -Trey Anastasio @ Deer Creek (Verizon Wireless Amp) Summer 2003

If You Get Confused... starstarstar Sat 6/7/2008 10:11PM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

are their any live recordings of this? great sets


kmplonestar starstarstarstarstar Sun 6/8/2008 09:36AM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

I'm w/ Confused...any live postings on or similiar sites? MarkBC has me extra intriqued for a copy of the Toad's Place show...any recordings of that show? Thanks & cheers! Long live the music of the GD!!!

Cheezefreek Sun 6/8/2008 10:20AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Cheezefreek .you can hear the pearl st show there.

MarkBC Sun 6/8/2008 11:24AM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


I found a few videos from the 4/20 show they did, includes Bertha, Eyes and Franklin's Tower. You can get a real good feel for the band from these videos:

Bertha -

Eyes -

Franklin's Tower -

VerbTheNoun starstarstarstarstar Sun 6/8/2008 08:34PM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


I was at that 4/20 show, needless to say it was awesome. I spotted myself in a couple of those vids actually.

phishphreak77 Sun 6/8/2008 09:42PM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


3 or 4 of the shows are up on for those who are familiar with bittorrent. i had heard on the max creek message board that they didn't want any of the tapes being released, but once again internet piracy has superseded the wishes of musical privacy.

...and thank god for that!

bigfro Mon 6/9/2008 03:49AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


This band is awesome.

little womanski starstarstarstarstar Tue 6/10/2008 11:54AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

little womanski

Realize I'm a little behind on the commentals here, but just have to say that the last paragraph of this article is beautiful, and it exactly articulates the way we felt after seeing them in VA and MD. We loved what we saw at the State Theater so much that we went to the show near Baltimore, and as we left, we felt like we hadn't danced so much, smiled so much, or left feeling so in love with music from a show in ages as we had after seeing this trio. Anyone who has the chance to see this show shouldn't miss it.

bear22 Tue 6/10/2008 07:42PM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


thanks for the kind words "little womanski". this is my first attempt at writing for Jambase - hope y'all got a nice feeling for the show...

phishphreak77 Wed 6/11/2008 08:25AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


i'm not trying to be a dick or anything, but i just wanted to let you know that the song title in the article and setlist shouldn't be 'chains of the world' but rather 'chains of life'. creek has been playing it rather regularly the last few years, but the trio put a bit of a different spin on it. can't really decide which version i prefer, but i do like em both!

bear22 Wed 6/11/2008 05:49PM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


thanks dude, I actually knew that. It must have been a typo that the Jambase editors didn't catch. whoops!

damn, i wrote it wrong in the article too...crap. Sorry Scott, for typing your song title wrong.