STS9 Featured on CNN

STS9 Featured on CNN

Longtime JamBase favorites, STS9, are currently being featured on CNN. The professional quality, five-minute video features live performance mixed with interviews from the stage during their sound check at the Tabernacle in Atlanta this past December 31. The conversation covers a variety of topics but is focused on discussing STS9's charity efforts.

Check it out at

Check out JamBase's coverage of STS9's NYE Run...

[Published on: 2/8/08]

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Dylan4 Fri 2/8/2008 11:27AM
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First Yeaaaaa, STS9 Is sick, cant wait for langerado

dantron7 starstarstarstarstar Fri 2/8/2008 11:37AM
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sts9 is taking over the world, in a good way. i love these guys

Robusto Fri 2/8/2008 11:54AM
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ATL based CNN givin' props to ATL originated STS9. Cool. ATLiens stick together, I guess.

moejoerisin Fri 2/8/2008 12:28PM
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1) slightly would be the understatement of the century.

2) yes, though indie kids don't like to dance, so it kind of figures.

3) haven't heard it yet.

4) i was quite impressed with the 1/25 tribe show in denver - they've begun to reintegrate their improv, and they got into some unstructured ambient, atomspheric stuff that i've seldom heard out of them before. it was a treat.

sleewell starstarstarstar Fri 2/8/2008 01:15PM
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well considering the CNN world headquarters is a few blocks from that venue, plus the fact that STS9 melts face i dont find it too surprising...

lvcheese Fri 2/8/2008 01:30PM
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This band is starting a revolution. I am a part of it.

welting Fri 2/8/2008 02:07PM
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There is a precedent for this...

RothburyWithCheese star Fri 2/8/2008 02:15PM
Show -24 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!
Rainking04 Fri 2/8/2008 02:39PM
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good for them, they do an awesome job of maintaining media appeal while not compromising anything in the way they make their music.

crescentvale starstarstarstarstar Fri 2/8/2008 03:34PM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


STS9 & Mardi Gras, check in out in the community section, ad enjoy my jambase.

lemonwheel44 Fri 2/8/2008 03:55PM
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dear liberalsformsavage, you are a tool. all you do is post negative comments on every topic. you are a fucking loser. i bet you havent been to half the shows you claim. go shit in your hat.

to everyone else, keep on doin your thing and enjoy.

NittyGritty starstarstarstar Fri 2/8/2008 04:22PM
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Please come to bonnaroo!!

blower Fri 2/8/2008 04:42PM
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LFMS strikes again. HAHAHA!! Amen Lemonwheel this guy has got some serious issues. Imagine how much better this site would be without that clown?

I really appreciate the attitude and overall energy STS9 has a band as people. Keep it going for your peeps. I have a lot of respect for these guys even though they really are not my thing musically.

chidodger Fri 2/8/2008 05:12PM
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STS9 is the tightest live act out there today and their shows (at least for me) have been unforgettable experiences. So, to Liberalmike2008, I'm extremely curious to find out what shows you have been to that you feel make a tribe show so boring you wouldn't go see them agian even if you got paid to. Really, i'm not trying to sound like a smartass, but, I gotta know. I love being a sts9 fan, and if you went to one of thier shows, you'd find out why that is. Everyone goes there to have a killer time, and the band plus the fans equals so much good energy and in all my experiences, has left people feeling they got thier money's worth and everybody went home with smiles on their faces. I'v yet to leave a tribe show where the guy next to me was bitching that he'd never go see them again cause of how bad it sucked. So please, tell me about some bands or shows that will make me call a tribe show a snooze-fest. I mean, come on, even CNN thinks their the shit. please respond.

jesposito starstarstarstarstar Fri 2/8/2008 05:23PM
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Hey Liberals, where you that guy who yelled at me for 'spilling his $7 beer' while i was jamming out at an STS9 show?

hugemanatee starstarstarstarstar Fri 2/8/2008 06:01PM
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we were at the sound check this year for the new years show. benefited rock against cancer. AMAZING. if you havent already been to their site, i highly suggest you go. these guys are gonna save the human race!!! MURPH FOR PRESIDENT.

tgratefulapple Fri 2/8/2008 06:19PM
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sound tribe is fuckin sick and even better overall people. the late night show at all good was crazy.peace

curtbraski star Sat 2/9/2008 06:47AM
Show -3 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!
RothburyWithCheese star Sat 2/9/2008 07:40AM
Show -4 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!
durazno Sat 2/9/2008 08:07AM
+4 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


you guys need to stop paying attention to that ^^^ DOUCHE ^^^ that's all he wants. the guy is so cool, i mean he has been to a 100 shows not including local shows!! WOW!! what a music fan!.... hahahaha what a tool

as of Sound Tribe, i dont prefer the techno-jam sound. BUT i do respect them as a band for creating such a passionate following.

durazno Sat 2/9/2008 08:13AM
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you guys need to stop paying attention to that ^^^ DOUCHE ^^^ that's all he wants. the guy is so cool, i mean he has been to a 100 shows not including local shows!! WOW!! what a music fan!.... hahahaha what a tool

as of Sound Tribe, i dont prefer the techno-jam sound. BUT i do respect them as a band for creating such a passionate following.

iamkickinit Sat 2/9/2008 08:27AM
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I love the tribe and everything that they stand for. They promote peace and definatley promote helping each other out.

That said, why do all of the sketchy's continue to ruin the vibe at many of their shows? Went to Langerado last year, rumor was someone got stabbed at their late night show, c'mon, who stabs someone at a show!? Went to Chicago last week and my girl had to break up a huge fight.

I really wish that the bands positive and helping attitude would spread to the Tribe kids out there who seem to ruin the vibe. And we all know the kids I am talking about.

RothburyWithCheese star Sat 2/9/2008 11:48AM
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chidodger Sat 2/9/2008 12:10PM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


WOW, so me and you have seen about 98% of the same shit. I live in Chicago, and we get more than our fair share of bands coming thru here. Based on your list, I can't honestly say that most of those bands(I'v seen most of what's on your list) put on a better live show than sts9. I'm in my early-late 20's, and Have seen Phish, sci, trey, 2 bonnaroos, 3 vegooses, summercamps, lollas, about to goto my 20th "claypool show"

of either primus/brigade/ccbb yadda yadda yadda(nobody cares)......and now i'm wondering how out of all those bands, you say sts9 is a boring one. Tribe was one of my highlites of bonnaroo 03, and by they way, you may not be trying to come accross as an asshole in your postings, but i gotta tell you, you do. and for the record, i have NEVER ONCE IN MY LIFE had either of my parents buy me concert tickets, and this is since the first one when i was 14 years old. Anyway, thank you for replying, but, as i said before, i'v seen most of what you listed, and I honestly feel that most of those that are still playing shows DO NOT put on a better show than tribe. also, Tool's a little weak, goto a SLAYER show, that's the real deal. (and Sepultura has sucked since Max left, i'v seen them with and without, it's 2 different bands).

ghilliesblunt starstarstarstarstar Sat 2/9/2008 02:25PM
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iamkickinit: i think i saw that fight getting broken up at the congress show, if i remember right it was some clown wearing a wifebeater, a fur coat and a du rag haha

snowbord716 starstarstarstarstar Sat 2/9/2008 02:54PM
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i have been seening tribe since 2004 and back then they were good but i can understand where that guy liberals is coming from(i would say to myself, this sounds like peaceful future music; basicaly what they stand for to me now). i didnt give up on them and i think possibly now my favorite thing about sts9 is that they have exponentially gotten better almost every show i have seen them since BBKINGS in 2004. everytime they bring it, i have made every person in my life a sts9 fan. they'er AMZING live, alone in your bedroom, headphones walkin down the street, driving your car. to Liberals i RECCOMMEND SEEING THEIR PROGRESSION OVER THE PAST 4 YEARS. YOU MIGHT SH1T YOUR PANTS

DrEricFautstein starstarstarstarstar Sat 2/9/2008 04:05PM
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groovatronics Sat 2/9/2008 07:58PM
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hey, iamkikinit, what i heard is that an average of 7 people die (get stabbed) at EVERY slipknot show. isn't that fucking cool?!? what a badass band & following!

groovatronics starstarstarstar Sat 2/9/2008 08:11PM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

and by the way, sound tribe killed in denver, way better than red rocks '07 in my opinion.

and Liberals, you sound like a completely alright guy. i seem to love music more than almost every one of my friemds but i can also be critical as fuck a LOT. a person will like what they like, and i can respect someone's music tastes far more if they listen to shiity bands and love them to death and have real reasons for liking them, rather than someone who doesn't care about the great music they listen to, just because they got it from someone with their cool little ipod or downloaded it from the internet because itunes told them to... if anyone gets what i'm sayin..

curtbraski star Sat 2/9/2008 09:38PM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


100 shows in 10 years... your a pussy...whoever doesnt agree please let me know...

Zapzapa starstarstar Sat 2/9/2008 10:58PM
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I was at That particle show at the vibe it was good but i have seen sector 9

Kill it way many more times sts9 put u to sleep than wake u the fuck up

discomcgee Sun 2/10/2008 12:18AM
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yeah for real, a tribe show is a lot differant than those 100 shows man. yo chidodger u ever catch future rock up there

chidodger Mon 2/11/2008 06:52AM
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Not Yet, I know a few people that went to the Late night Futurerock show after the Umphreys aragon show nye weekend, and i was told it was better than the umphreys show. I heard from a friend that they are playing Summercamp, but i don't think they've been officially added yet. Another cool band to check out is Cold Water Mystic, they sound similar to 311 and sublime (not sure if your into that type of sound), but they put on a killer live show. you can check them out on myspace.

breadloaf Mon 2/11/2008 07:24AM
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I would certainly not consider 100 shows anywhere near A LOT. When you cannot even begin to count the shows you have seen, then you are getting close.

‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^› {¬¿¬} starstarstarstarstar Mon 2/11/2008 09:47AM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^›      {¬¿¬}

a forum on sts9 appearing on CNN, turns into a pissing contest of how many shows someone has seen.

Honestly being a dead-head myself, I cannot fathom how someone can turn into such a close minded !@#$$#@*!. I think its all a lie. :P

thank u sts9 for your charity involvement :)

rulosa01 starstarstarstarstar Mon 2/11/2008 09:55AM
+3 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

"I saw these guys in 2004 at hornings. They were fucking boring. what an overrated bunch of hacks. Couldnt pay me enough to sit thru, uh i mean, sleep thru that again." WMIOD buddy

There is a difference between calling a band you don't like a bunch of hacks and simply stating you don't like them. Thats kind of being a dick right there. Furthermore going onto just about every thread on this board and posting a negative opinion is kind of dick in the first place. Getting defensive and claiming that we are all "tour rats living off mommy and daddy's american express" is also pretty dick, and petty, and ignorant. Furthermore, STS9 is poppin' fresh and kicking ass all over the place.

ramblintrav Mon 2/11/2008 10:50AM
+4 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Hey Guys, Hilarious! On the SXSW Showcase boards michael savage writes comments and then writes another comment immediately after arguing with himself since nobody writes back. Hilarious. This guy writes comments just to create controversy.

chidodger Mon 2/11/2008 11:16AM
+3 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Wow, your right, his frist posting basically says SXSW is shit, and then his last says it's a pretty good festival. This guy needs a girlfriend or something.

zforschler starstarstarstarstar Mon 2/11/2008 11:23AM
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Anyone else a little disapointted with UM and STS9 playing basically the same time at langerado?

jacobandbeth Tue 2/12/2008 01:27PM
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I love sts9 so much..from my first show in 2002 at the gothic in denver I have been hooked. their new sound is great because they are really differentiating themselves from the hoards of "jambands" that all sound like rehashed dead phish or panic (sorry I am just not into noodling jam music anymore) Long live the deep bass, phipp's crazy fill sounds and jeffree for helping the sound stay slightly organic.....

O1Roggae Wed 2/13/2008 07:31AM
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I am very disappointed with the time conflicts between STS9 and UM and also Phix.

moejoerisin Wed 2/13/2008 03:33PM
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STS9 at summercamp mofos!!! hell yea!

CaptColorado starstarstarstar Wed 2/13/2008 08:29PM
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Gotta agree with Curt...Liberals, If you think that you are an expert on concerts when only seeing 100 shows in TEN years, then you are a tool. My personal count is somewhere over 500 in the last 20 years and I have like 75% of the stubs to prove it. Over 150 shows were just Phish and GD. You talk plenty of shit on these boards, but your credentials while maybe solid for a small town are not that impressive. So you've seen everybody once or twice besides the SCI. On another note, JamTronica all starts to sound the same after a while. You are either in the mood for it (i.e. on drugs,) or not. I can't stand Widespread after '96' but you don't see me picking fights with all the SPREADNECKS do ya? Whoops!

redrustycar starstarstarstar Fri 2/15/2008 12:10AM
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I think everyone is upset about the UM/STS9 conflict at Langerado........

but I have a special place for STS9 after the three midwest shows I saw front row..... I can't wait for Langerado...

adubvu Tue 2/19/2008 09:31AM
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STS9 is good.