TAB: Pulling Out Just Enough To Win

By: Dennis Cook

Holy Bon Scott on a buttermilk biscuit! This is rib-stickin' rock 'n' roll, slathered with hoochie coo and topped with the cherry from some willing band-aid (thanks, Ms. Penny Lane). TAB strips things down to their unmentionables and then proceeds to mention them in dirty, funky songs with irresistible choruses like "I drown every time I hear that sound!" The trio of Adrian Perry (vocals, bass), Tony Perry (guitar) and Ben Tileston (drums) moves with just enough sophistication to be dangerous. A bit more "classic rock" than say Rose Hill Drive or Wolfmother, TAB has the jittery bark of the New York Dolls and Toys In The Attic-era Aerosmith, which is fitting given that Joe Perry is Tony and Adrian's dad. But there's no need for nepotism here.

These boys are earning their big amps and groupies with callus raising elbow grease. The vocals growl and fly on these zero fat compositions that tap into a primal vein. Everywhere big drums and hailing guitar make your head swim pleasantly, a sound that feels like a new lover taking you off to a dark corner for lil' tête à tête. "Secretary's Day" is the kind of irresistible fare that's kept the Georgia Satellites and Bob Seger alive on jukeboxes in bars everywhere, and the best part is it's not the only joint to roll with such hard, instantaneous hip shake here. Pulling Out Just Enough To Win (released January 29th via iTunes and North Street Records) has the hungry drive and libido of early Small Faces. There's something exhilarating about a band of young men with something to prove, and this relentlessly winning debut rejoices in a new millennial "Misty Mountain Hop" that'll have moneymakers shakin' from here to Budokon.

JamBase | Massachusetts
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[Published on: 2/5/08]

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