Jimkata: Jimkata

By: Johnny Goff

In the suburban Haight 'n' Ashbury college town where one of the slogans is "Ithaca: 10 square miles surrounded by reality," one might assume the profession of musician is as common as professor or plumber. Which makes it even more astounding that one of the best up-and-coming bands from Ithaca has yet to be heard of by half the town, let alone the masses outside the rolling hills of Upstate New York. Jimkata is an experimental rock quartet consisting of four twenty-somethings, and their inaugural, self-titled, self-released, five-song album is full of roller-coaster tempos, blended harmonies and refreshingly tight vocals that never lets the listener get too comfortable.

Riding the fine line of jam and alternative rock, Jimkata’s sound is like farm grown produce: crisp and fresh. Fixated on themes of change - uprooting from the past and potential risks when stepping out into life – guitarist-lead vocalist Evan Friedell's incredibly unique baritone and delivery make the album’s few mundane "jam moments" irrelevant. "Submarine" immediately brings Oysterhead to mind with David Rossi's deliberate bassline and drummer Packy Lunn’s precise pouncing into a six-minute schizophrenic kickdown with nicely layered keyboard samples. The following two tracks are a well-song mix of Frank Zappa, 311 and Pearl Jam as lead guitarist Aaron Gorsch shows his versatility, moving from structured, synchronized consistency into soprano ballad busting licks on "The Scene" and "All in the Mind."

The final cut, "Mind Crossing," isn't very technically or creatively demanding but it's sure as hell the most fun. With a nonsensical chorus, a highly infectious dance beat and a couple well-timed breaks in the 'untz,' this nearly 8-minute closer leaves the listener pleasantly confused, intrigued and ready to listen again. Like watching The Usual Suspects for the first time, you'll definitely catch something else the next time around.

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[Published on: 1/5/08]

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moejoerisin starstarstarstarstar Sat 1/5/2008 07:34PM
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hell yea johnny! jimkata is the fucking shit - glad to see you bringing the supreme enlightenment that is ithaca and its music scene to the rest of us mortal fools. saw these guys throughout my time at school in the i-town, was lucky enought to even hang out with them a bunch.. great crew, and a sick band for sure. nicely written review, to boot.

welting Sun 1/6/2008 01:18PM
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I'm from the same town as three of the four of those guys, and I roomed with Dave sophomore year @ IC. I've seen them more time than I can count. They are definately deserving of this review. All of them are extremely talented musicians and know how to put on a kick ass show. Word.

recco starstarstarstarstar Mon 1/7/2008 06:22AM
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yizeah... I seen these guys a few times and know people who know them and all I hear is good things. iTHaCa college is a great place and cornell is kinda cool too... Ithaca, NY is a special place and certainly is Gorgeous!!!

moejoerisin Mon 1/7/2008 09:42AM
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gorges, recco... gorges.

gmoo Mon 1/7/2008 01:28PM
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These guys have show recordings?

johnnygoff Mon 1/7/2008 01:39PM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


"Ithaca is not George's." - that's actually one of the better i-town bumper stickers.

sparkle421 starstarstarstarstar Mon 1/7/2008 02:13PM
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yeh check out this live recording from last november > http://www.sendspace.com/file/tj4vd9

rzrsk8 Wed 1/9/2008 06:39PM
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nice to see these guys getting some press (first press ever??)...definitely hope they get more than just 2 Castaway's shows set for next semester! U-Melt and Jimkata 2/22 will be awesome

asn83 starstarstarstarstar Fri 1/11/2008 10:34AM
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Yay Jimkata!

ROCvibes Thu 1/31/2008 05:18PM
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yea cool cats indeed...umelt and these guys would be a great pair, might have to check that out

Beaser starstarstarstarstar Fri 3/21/2008 04:45PM
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Yeah Jimmy Cooter...check them tonight at castaways in Ithaca

tcliff43 starstarstarstarstar Sat 7/25/2009 04:56PM
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Hell yea Jimkata. I love these guys and always make an effort to see one of their rockin shows. Think it's great that they're getting so popular and all over the festy scene.


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