Phish Fall Tour 2013 Jam Compilation

Vermont's Phish recently completed a 12-show fall tour as they approach their 30th Anniversary. Many fans, us included, consider the tour the best the quartet has played in years and we can't wait to see what they have in store for New Year's.

Our pal LazyLightning has put together a sensational 1:45 compilation that includes some of the tour's best improvisational moments. Here's his writeup on the mix:

All filmed in HD - these are the jams - the jams we seek out - and turns out they were delivered - and Phish wasn't stingy with 'em - on Fall Tour 2013, which encompassed 12 shows. This footage contains the finest of jams, in my opinion, from various tunes throughout the tour, except for Rochester on 10/22. (I did not attend Rochester)

These jams are all extra special Phish - jams where they got off the beaten path and into new territories - whether dark and hellaciously dirty as in the "Tweezer" from Hampton, to the uplifting and bright opening "Carini" segment, to smokin guitar-heavy jams like the Reading "Down With Disease," to grooves dripping in funk, and the moments of simple controlled ambiance. They are also jams that impacted me in person, and listening back, are as excellent as they were when hearing them live. Most would concur. Some segments are short, some are longer, as many of Phish's big jams in the second set were jams that were 2 or 3 or even 4-pronged jams - where the jam section contained completely different parts as they would come to nearly a halt at times, and begin a new musical adventure within the jam. Like tines on a fork - so, there are various prongs inside this little film. Most of these I've posted in full over the last month. AND a note to the other jams that were played this tour that didn't make it into this - I'm sorry and you are great too, but this was too long as is. Writeups with other folk's perspectives about some of these jams will be printed below the track listings in the next few days!

Check out the full compilation:


10/18 Carini 0:00 - 3:23
10/18 Carini II 3:24 - 4:55
10/19 Weekapaug 4:56 - 9:27
10/19 Ghost 9:28 - 14:51
10/20 Tweezer 14:52 - 21:55
10/20 Piper-TCB 21:56 - 24:33
10/23 Twist 24:34 - 27:31
10/25 Waves 27:32 - 30:38
10/26 Gin 30:39 - 36:28
10/26 Drowned 36:29 - 43:10
10/27 Tweezer 43:11 - 49:19
Intermission 49:20 - 54:25
10/27 Golden Age 54:26 - 1:00:22
10/29 SOAM 1:00:23 - 1:05:40
10/29 DWD 1:05:41 - 1:12:03
10/29 Twenty Yrs Later 1:12:04 - 1:22:36
10/31 Ghost 1:22:37 - 1:26:35
11/1 Twist 1:26:36 - 1:31:39
11/1 Sally 1:31:40 - 1:36:23
11/2 Theme From The Bottom 1:36:24 - 1:43:32
End segment AC Free midsection 1:43:33

[Published on: 11/26/13]

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