JamBase Holiday Gift Guide 2013

JamBase 2013 
Holiday Gift Guide
It's rarely easy finding the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones. As we enter the holiday season we've aimed to make that process easier for the music fans in your life by presenting our annual JamBase Holiday Gift Guide.

We've broken down the guide by seven categories including Digital Music, Clothing and Apparel, Box Sets, Books, For Musicians, Ultimate Live Music Experiences and Technology Jam. There's gifts for men, women, older fans and even the youngest of live music lovers.

Digital Music

LiveDownloads.com Gift Cards:

Price: $5 - $250
The Skinny: You'll find hundreds of shows to choose from the usual suspects on LiveDownloads.com (Gov't Mule, Widespread Panic, moe., Yonder Mountain String Band, Lotus, STS9, etc.) - but dig deeper and you can find some sets that may surprise you from bands like Son Volt, Andrew Bird, Femi Kuti, Neil Young, My Morning Jacket, John Fogerty and hundreds more.

Recommended For: Live music fans of all stripes should find plenty of options among the site's vast catalog.

Pandora One Subscription:

Price: $36/year
The Skinny: Take the Pandora experience to the next level by subscribing to the site. Pandora One users will be able to listen to higher-quality audio, can access the desktop applications, will bypass advertisements and can use custom skins.
Recommended For: Those who use Pandora on a regular basis will benefit from all the extras Pandora One users gain.

Grateful Dead Dave's Pick Subscription:

Price: $99.98
The Skinny: Installments of the Grateful Dead's Dave's Picks live archival series sell out with a quickness after they are announced. You can make sure your friend/loved one won't miss out on any of the four installments scheduled for release in 2014 by subscribing to the series. Dead.net has even provided a printable gift certificate to show what the recipient of the gift is in for.
Recommended For: The friend who emails you every time the Dead announce a new release.

UMLive Subscription:

Price: $9.99/month or $99.99/year
The Skinny: Umphrey's McGee has always been a band on the cutting-edge of technology, whether it's selling CD's (remember CD's?) from the merch stand directly after the show, the roll-out of their studio album Mantis or their innovative S2 Art events. 2013 has ushered in the UMLive Subscription, which gives Umphreaks instant-access to 900+ shows and 25+ albums and compilations.
Recommended For: The Umphreak in your life.

Concert Vault Subscription:

Price: $39.99/year
The Skinny: The streaming catalog alone at Concert Vault (formerly known as Wolfgang's Vault) is worth the annual price-tag. The service started in 2003 when a group of music fans, "acquired master recordings (and much more) from the archives of Bill Graham Presents." The Concert Vault currently includes many live concerts recorded at the impresario's legendary venues like the Fillmore East and Winterland between 1965 and 1999. Since then, the site has grown to include more gems from music's past and has expanded to video offerings. An annual subscription also nets you two free downloads per week, discounts in the store and a whole lot more.
Recommended For: Your music-loving friend or family member who is always looking for recordings they have never heard before.

Daytrotter Subscription:

Price: $32/year
The Skinny: Daytrotter provides users "exclusive, re-worked, alternate versions of old songs and unreleased tracks by some of your favorite (and soon to be favorite) bands, recorded live, that capture the heart of their music at that moment in time - dirty and alive." The site has added thousands of live videos to the mix for subscribers. Membership gets you unlimited streaming, free session downloads, access to thousands of videos, a 25% discount in the Daytrotter store and more.
Recommended For: With a tilt towards the indie world, this is the perfect gift for your friend or family member that still loves Phish and the Dead but are more likely to listen to The Head and the Heart, Deer Tick and Bon Iver these days.

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JamBase 2013 
Holiday Gift Guide
Clothing, Apparel, Misc

Metallica Sweater:

Price: $74.99 - $76.99
The Skinny: The ultimate in irony - a cutesy holiday sweater with a design inspired by Metallica's Master of Puppets LP. The sweater is available in sizes S - XXL.
Recommended For: The metal-loving friend or family member in your life who's open-minded enough to get a kick out of the sweater.

Daptone Clothing (New Hoodie):

Price: $49.99
The Skinny: Brooklyn-based Daptone Records is the label of such JamBase favorites as Charles Bradley, The Budos Band and Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings. Show your love for one of the best indie labels out there by sporting this comfy hoodie on those cold winter nights.
Recommended For: The soul-music lover in your life.

Phish Vintage Hockey Pom Beanie:

Price: $25
The Skinny: Phish has recently added a cool winter hat to their Dry Goods offerings. The 100% acrylic, double layered fully knit, fold up, striped winter hat features an old school design.
Recommended For: Available in two color profiles, the beanie is perfect for both male and female Phish fans who will endure the usually cold NYC weather during the band's NYE run at MSG.

Rockabilia.com Gift Certificate:

Price: $25 - $100
The Skinny: Online site Rockabilia sells all sorts of merch from thousands of bands including Christmas sweaters, holiday ornaments, apparel, home decor and novelties. Rockabilia also sells gear for featured movies and tv shows.
Recommended For: The hard-to-shop-for music fan can make their own decision of what to buy when you provide them with a Rockabilia gift certificate.

"Time I Need A'Changin" Bob Dylan Onesie:

Price: $28.11
The Skinny: Etsy is Mecca for unique, handmade goods that make the perfect holiday gifts. "Nippaz With Attitudes" virtual storefront boasts edgy, original designs made for your little one. From a Bob Dylan spin off "Time I Need A'Changin" to a "Notorious B.I.B" bib - these rockin' baby clothes celebrate our favorite musicians in the coolest infant-approved way possible.
Recommended For: All of the mamas and papas out there who bring their babies to see live music, or put headphones on their bellies while blasting a 30-minute "China Cat" to their unborn baby.

Fender Fedora:

Price: $25.99
The Skinny: Fender has expanded its offerings past musical instruments into the fashion world with a line of sporty fedoras. This 100% cotton hat comes in plaid and features a guitar print with coordinating hat band.
Recommended For: The family member that bought you your first guitar and showed you how to form the "G" chord.

Grateful Dead-o-poly:

Price: $25
The Skinny: Go on tour with the Dead and travel from show to show while visiting the Monopoly versions of some of your favorite venues. I wonder how much The Fillmore will cost? With specialized game pieces, chance cards with playful puns on the band, this is the perfect game to play when you are in a full- blown holiday food coma.
Recommended For: Everyone ages 9-99. It's never too early to get your little cousins into the Dead, or help your quirky uncle remember his days on the road.

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JamBase 2013 
Holiday Gift Guide
For Musicians:


Price: $29.99
The Skinny: This handy adapter connects your bass and/or guitar to your favorite Apple mobile device allowing you to "jam anywhere with top-notch guitar and bass tone right in the palm of your hand." Not only can you use the impressive app included with the device, but any other recording, processing or tuning amp.
Recommended For: The novice musician with basic skills who wants to take it to the next level.


Pick Punch:

Price: $24.99
The Skinny: Guarantee you'll never be left pick-less again with this handy device that turns any material you want to use into a guitar pick. Choose the material you want to use - whether it's a credit card, hotel room key card or plastic packaging material - put it into the device, give it a punch and you've got a new pick.
Recommended For: Guitarists or bassists who are all about their individuality and are always losing things.


Zoom Handy Recorder:

Price: $99.99
The Skinny: While this device may be small and relatively cheap, it creates impressive recordings using its on-board, studio-quality microphones. The H1 is a great beginner's recording device that's easy to use, yet still provides the quality we all expect these days.
Recommended For: Those who want to try their hands at taping or musicians who want to keep a device handy to record those spur-of-the-moment jams or song ideas.


Kaossilator 2:

Price: $133.98
The Skinny: Korg has improved upon its Mike Gordon-approved Kaossilator touchpad synth/looper with the release of the Kaossilator 2. Simply pick a sound and swipe your finger on the pad to create cool tones. The device features 150 built-in sounds that cover every style of dance music.
Recommended For: Anyone from a youngster just starting to get into music to professional musicians who want a handy, portable device to create loops and sounds.


Complete Beatles Scores:

Price: $75
The Skinny: What do you call someone who hangs out with musicians? The drummer. How do you slow down a guitar player? Put sheet music in front of them. If you've got a musician on your shopping list, odds are they love The Beatles, and this would give them all the instrumental parts for 212 Beatles songs all in a hardcover deluxe slip case.
Recommended For: Anyone that enjoys those two music jokes.

Learn The Mandolin Package:

Price: $75
The Skinny: For well under $100 you can get one of your musician friends or family a: Brand new mandolin, gig bag and two instructional books (one for method, one chords.)
Recommended For: The aspiring next Jamie Masefield, Sam Bush, Jeff Austin, Bill Monroe or David Grisman. Also a great gift for a guitar-player that wants to experiment with the mando.

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JamBase 2013 
Holiday Gift Guide

JAM: Photography by Jay Blakesberg:

Price: $31.50
The Skinny: You haven't liked jam music for this long and not seen a picture taken by Jay Blakesberg. The man has captured the spirit of improvisational live music for decades, and produced some of our favorite artist's most iconic photographs. With over 300 photos taken both on and off stage of artists ranging from Sonic Youth to Del McCoury - this is the ultimate glimpse into the jamband world.
Recommended For: Any live music lover with a coffee table.


Wild Tales - Graham Nash:

Price: $18.34
The Skinny:Neil Young's almost stream-of-consciousness autobiography "Waging Heavy Peace" was a great go-to gift for the 2012 holiday season, and this year Graham Nash is the one spilling the beans and setting the record straight. Nash has many stories to tell from The Hollies, CSN(Y) and his solo career. As the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette said, "There are indeed wild tales to tell...Nash wasn't pulling back on the lurid details."
Recommended For: The aunt who took you to your first concert or the cousin who claims to have attended Woodstock (even though he was six at the time).


JAMerica: The History of the Jam Band and Festival Scene
- Peter Conners:

Price: $19.61
The Skinny: Peter Conners, author of 2009's Growing Up Dead: The Hallucinated Confessions of a Teenage Deadhead is back with JAMerica: The History of the Jam Band and Festival Scene. It's not just Conners weighing in, in the preface alone you hear from John Popper (Blues Traveler), Jeff Mattson (the Zen Tricksters), Dean Budnick, Chris Barron (The Spin Doctors) and many more.
Recommended For: Anyone with interest in the jam scene as it's both a perfect introduction for those unfamiliar and contains stories likely to engage even the most devoted and knowledgeable of jam fans.

You Don't Know Me but You Don't Like Me:
Phish, Insane Clown Posse, and My Misadventures
with Two of Music's Most Maligned Tribes:

Price: $12.70
The Skinny: Author Nathan Rabin went on tour with "two of music's most maligned tribes" - the Insane Clown Posse, and of course - Phish. The results of his two-year stunt studying the fans of ICP and Phish through a sociological lens are hilarious, and surprising.
Recommended For: Your dad, your boss or anyone else who thinks that Phish heads are just a bunch of smelly hippies. This book will help break the stereotype.


Poster Children: Widespread Panic - Available 11/29:

Price: $75 (Available 11/29)
The Skinny: If you've got a fan of Widespread Panic on your shopping list, you won't ever see a better coffee- table book purchase than this one. Featuring 400+ posters from Panic shows over the years, Panic bassist Dave Schools endorses this choice by saying, "These posters were another way for our fans to relive the show and commemorate a good time. In a way, they were like the gatefold record cover of the by-gone vinyl era – a visual interpretation for fans to look at while listening to our music."
Recommended For: Your friend who always gets to shows hours early so they can assure themselves of getting the poster.

Eminent Hipsters - Donald Fagen:

Price: $18.66
The Skinny: In a book that is half memoir, half thoughtful musical analysis - Steely Dan frontman Donald Fagen pays tribute to the "Eminent Hipsters" who inspired him as a child living in a New Jersey suburb. Covering a wide range of topics, Fagen takes readers on a ride through his life.
Recommended For: Obviously this is the perfect gift for any Steely Dan fan, but the topics covered in this book are so universal - any lover of music or popular culture will be enthralled by Fagen's journey.

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JamBase 2013 
Holiday Gift Guide
Box Sets

The Band - Live at the Academy Of Music:

Price: $61.66
The Skinny: At the end of 1971 The Band booked a residency at NYC's Academy Of Music that ran from December 28 through 31. The Band employed New Orleans legend Allen Toussaint to compose horn charts for their most beloved songs that added new life to these tunes. A recently released box set pulls highlights from the run lovingly remastered by a team that included The Band guitarist Robbie Robertson as well as a complete recording of the group's New Year's Eve performance complete with a DVD and 48-page hardbound book with previously unseen photos.
Recommended For: The friend who originally turned you onto Rock Of Ages or your uncle who continues to brag about attending Watkins Glen in 1973.

Grateful Dead - Sunshine Daydream:

Price: $33.21
The Skinny: After more than 40 years the Grateful Dead have officially released a documentary about their famed August 27, 1972 show at Springfield Creamery in Veneta, OR that also includes all-new stereo and 5.1 audio mixes of the audio from the show.
Recommended For: Deadheads of all stripes including your buddy who first showed you a grainy copy of the documentary they bought at a head shop when you were in college.

Love for Levon:

Price: $26.99
The Skinny: On October 3, 2012 a gathering of music legends and all-stars paid tribute to late The Band drummer Levon Helm at The Meadowlands in New Jersey. Rock royalty including Roger Waters, John Hiatt, Gregg Allman, Garth Hudson and Bruce Hornsby took turns delivering mostly outstanding versions of songs connected with Levon. Highlights from the concert were released earlier this year on a phenomenal 360-minute video and audio release.
Recommended For: Your country-music loving aunt who will appreciate performances from the likes of Eric Church and Dierks Bentley or your Band-loving parents who felt your pain when you informed them Levon had passed or your little brother who loves John Mayer but hasn't quite made the jump passed his poppier material.

Crossroads Guitar Festival 2013:

Price: $16.88
The Skinny: Every three years Eric Clapton puts together unbelievable lineups focusing on axemen for his Crossroads Guitar Festival. This year's event took place at Madison Square Garden and featured the likes of the Allman Brothers Band, Keith Richards, Jeff Beck and Buddy Guy. A recently released 2-DVD/2-Blu-Ray set collects 90 minutes worth of highlights from the two Crossroads Guitar Festival 2013 concerts.
Recommended For: Blues lovers, guitarists and those who agree that Eric Clapton is god.

The Who - Tommy Super Deluxe:

Price: $96.08
The Skinny: The Who's Tommy might not have been the first rock opera, but it was certainly the most famous one. A new, four-disc limited-edition "Super Deluxe" box set collects a digitally remastered version of the original album, demos, outtakes, a 5.1 album mix and a live "bootleg" album containing 21 previously unreleased live tracks from 1969. The package is tied together with a massive 80-page book that features rare photos, memorabilia, a 20,000-word essay by Who fan Richard Barnes and a rare facsimile Tommy poster housed in a hard- back deluxe slip-case.
Recommended For: Your older sister who was cool enough to take you to see The Who when you were still in high school or your dad who took you to see the Broadway-adaptation of Tommy.

Bob Dylan - Complete Album Collection:

Price: $174.95
The Skinny: This colossal box set, which was released in November, contains 41 Bob Dylan albums from throughout his career including 35 studio titles and six live LPs. It also includes a hard-cover book with extensive liner notes and rare photos. Fourteen of the albums have been newly remastered.
Recommended For: Your friend that said you were missing the point when you complained about Bob Dylan's voice or your young cousin who is just starting to discover classic rock.

Nirvana - In Utero Deluxe:

Price: $98.83
The Skinny: Twenty years after the release of Nirvana's last studio album, In Utero, a new "Super Deluxe" edition of the landmark LP contains more than 70 remastered, remixed, rare and unreleased recordings, including B-sides, compilation tracks, never-before-heard demos and live material featuring the final touring lineup of Cobain, Novoselic, Grohl and Pat Smear. You also get a DVD that features previously unreleased material and a live concert from 1993.
Recommended For: Your friend who was really mad at you for picking Phish over taking the extra he secured for you to see Pearl Jam or your jam-hating relatives that always try to turn you on to the harder stuff musically.


Skydog - Duane Allman Retrospective:

Price: $81.49
The Skinny: This critically-acclaimed 7-CD box set compiles 129 tracks showing the range and breadth of Duane "Skydog" Allman's musical contributions. Included within are pre-Allman Brothers Band tracks, studio work with Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett, Boz Scaggs and Delaney & Bonnie and even a live jam with the Grateful Dead.
Recommended For: The family member you ran into at an Allman Brothers Band concert that you never knew were into the band or your soul music-loving friend who could use a new appreciation of Duane Allman's Muscle Shoals days.


Tour Gigs' String Cheese Incident In Austin 2013
3-Show Bundle:

Price: $60 (DVD) / $72 (Blu-Ray)
The Skinny: TourGigs recently released stunning high-definition video of String Cheese Incident's long-awaited return to Austin that took place in July 2013. All three shows are available in a variety of formats including a 3-show bundle on DVD and Blu-Ray.
Recommended For: The String Cheese Incident fan in your life.

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JamBase 2013 
Holiday Gift Guide
Ultimate Live Music Experiences

Roll Like A Rockstar Bonnaroo:

Price: TBD
The Skinny: There are very few, if any, VIP packages like this. Quite frankly, this is the closest any mere concert goer can get to reaching Mick Jagger-style rockstar status. With this monster "Roll Like a Rockstar" package, you and seven of your friends get special access throughout the festival site, a private tour bus with accommodations for up to 8 people, access to an exclusive main stage and second stage viewing area, on-site Gourmet catering, 24- hour golf cart service - the list goes on and on. Bonnaroo has always been an innovative festival, and with this package they have really outdone themselves.
Recommended For: Anyone that would take you along as one of their 8 guests, or your buddy who's getting hitched next summer. Bachelor party, anyone?

International Incident:

Price: Varies
The Skinny: The String Cheese Incident know how to put on a party. From Hulaween, to Big Summer Classic, to their throwdowns at Horning's Hideout - you can always count on SCI to show you a good time and surprise the heck out of you. This year, they are taking their rapturous antics to Mexico for a five-day long fiesta at the Hard Rock Hotel in Riviera Maya. Snagging any room at this destination festival will be a blast, but if you go for the Rock Platinum Sky Terrace 2-Bedroom Suites, you will be able to literally see the stage from your balcony.
Recommended For: Any SCI fan that lives East of the Mississippi. The days are short and the nights are freezing cold. By February the snow will be in full effect and a trip to Mexico for an once in a lifetime Incident is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Jam Cruise 12:

Price: Varies
The Skinny: JamCruise is a 10-year veteran of the destination festival domain. 2013 has taken JamCruise to epic proportions, with a lineup featuring over 30 different artists - it is hard to argue that this ultimate live music experience isn't "quite possibly the best cruise in the world." There are theme nights, yoga, private island shows - this festival literally has it all.
Recommended For: Any of the JamCruise "lifers" and "repeat offenders" that you know. That is, if they haven't already made their accommodations.

Coachella Safari Tent:

Price: $6500 for 2
The Skinny: If you've ever been to Indio for a festival, you know that it gets hot during the days. Really, really hot. If you and a friend dish out the $3250 each for the Coachella Safari Tent, not only will you get exclusive access to the festival, comfortable queen size beds - but you get the holy grail of festival desires, air conditioning!
Recommended For: The friend you have that always makes excuses about why they are "too old" to go camping.


Mountain Song At Sea:

Price: Varies
The Skinny:David Grisman, Steep Canyon Rangers, Trampled by Turtles are only the first three names on the bill of this bluegrass extravaganza taking place early this February. "Bluegrass floats" from Miami to Cozumel, Mexico and then on to Key West, FL. There are workshops, Q&A's with the artists, a casino on board, and the opportunity to listen to that high lonesome sound on the wide open sea.
Recommended For:The biggest fan of bluegrass in your circle. This festival is a dream to anyone who answers the question "what kind of music do you like" with the answer "anything with a banjo..."

Hangout Fest Super VIP:

Price: $1549
The Skinny: Although the lineup of Hangout will not be announced until early 2014, the overall experience of this festival is tempting enough to buy tickets blindly. All of the festivities take place on the beautiful beaches of Golf Shores, AL. Pictures of past events show fans lounging in pools, hot tubs or with their feet in the sand raging to Tom Petty, String Cheese, Paul Simon and dozens more.
Recommended For: Anyone. The festival is well organized, in the best location, and usually boasts the most epic and diverse lineup.

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JamBase 2013 
Holiday Gift Guide
Tech Jam Holiday Edition
written by: Parker Harrington

RAVPower 14,000mAh External Battery Pack:

Price: $43.99
The Skinny: External USB power packs for charging phones, tablets, bluetooth devices and anything else portable have become ubiquitous but RAVPower has unquestionably the best choice available today. Not much bigger than a deck of cards, this MASSIVE capacity battery pack boasts a whopping 14,000mAh (enough to charge your phone from dead many times), can charge two devices at once, recharges quickly via USB, packs a bright flashlight and offers the best power to price ratio of any other power pack.
Recommended For:Travellers, concert goes, festival attendees and anyone who needs lots of power for their mobile devices when away from wall outlets for extended periods.


SuperTooth Freedom Bluetooth Stereo Headset:

Price: $149
The Skinny: Incredibly affordable wireless Bluetooth headphones that sound as good as wired sets costing double or triple the price and can even be quickly paired with NFC. These are not only great sounding, but also attractive, comfortable and offer over 15 hours of listening on a single charge and packed with features like an integrated microphone for voice calls.
Recommended For:Anyone who listens to music and enjoys wireless listening (can also be used wired) and wants stellar sound for short dollars.



Price: $35
The Skinny:This HDMI dongle by Google is a breeze to setup and is almost like a wisp of magic in your living room allowing you to instantaneously "cast" your YouTube videos, Chrome tabs, Netflix videos and a lot more from your mobile phone, tablet or laptop to your TV. There's nothing to learn, no new remotes to worry about and it simply works with constantly updating firmware so it will never be out of date.
Recommended For:People needing a quality couch tour experience (just sling those LivePhish webcasts to the large screen without wires!), people who watch a lot of YouTube videos and want to watch on larger screen and anyone who wants an affordable home theater streaming solution on the cheap.


HiFiMAN EF2A Headphone Amp:

Price: $169
The Skinny:A fantastic sounding headphone amp that provides markedly better sound quality than your computer is able to kick out with much louder volume as well. This amp is not only affordable but also offers stunning looks in a relatively compact size.
Recommended For:Anyone who listens to music on headphones through their computer and wants better volume and sound quality.See Technology Jam full review here.


Polk Audio "Buckle" Over Ear Headphone:

Price: $249
The Skinny:These audiophile quality headphones with legendary Polk acoustics prove that high-quality audio can go hand-in-hand with style, high-end materials, build quality and comfort. I simply love the comfortable, pivoting and generously cushioned ear pads that provide hours of enjoyable listening and offer outstanding sound that is well balanced, natural and simply pristine.
Recommended For:Someone who wants to splurge a little and get outstanding sound quality in a headphone and have comfort, style and build quality to match.


AUTOMATICA MK2 cloud-syncing smart-USB car dongle:

Price: $159
The Skinny: Automatica is a smart USB device that plugs into a car's built-in USB port and behaves like a traditional memory stick but it always keeps its content synced and updated with the Internet sources of your choice via WiFi or phone tethering so you can play content regardless of internet connection while driving. Podcasts, albums, MP3's, audiobooks and more are setup through a web interface from your mobile phone or computer and include services such as Dropbox, Box, Skydrive, Soundcloud, Google Drive and many more.
Recommended For: Car owners with USB port in car stereo system who want to be able to easily sync and play audio content and often travel outside data coverage areas or need to be conscious of mobile data limits.

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