Technology Jam | IROCKE Live Streaming Concerts

PH: How many shows do you currently have listed on IROCKE?

CW: There are over 12,000 shows that have been listed on our site to date. Our supply goes up and down so any specific number I give you will change in 10 minutes, both higher and lower. Today, there are over 2,000 live performances broadcast monthly on a variety of different platforms.

PH: Why should a user sign up for an IROCKE profile?

CW: There are multiple reasons for a user to have an IROCKE profile. There are 150 million viewers who watch live video streams each month, a viewership projected to outgrow the American television market by 2014 as it reaches an estimated 315 million viewers. As the live digital and music concert markets converge, we believe that this new music-social marketplace will grow to be the central backbone of the music industry. Whether the user is an artist, a source, a fan, or a mix of the three. For fans, IROCKE offers the simplest way to discover and attend live digital concerts from anywhere on the planet. For artists and brands, IROCKE is a powerful and customizable platform for distributing and promoting live digital performances and appearances worldwide. Overall, IROCKE is a live digital music network.

PH: What features are coming?

CW: There will be a much more powerful product, something similar to our platform that we operated FOREVER FESTIVAL on. A much cleaner, more powerful user interface that will create the optimum user experience and that will give fans the ability to get to live digital concerts much easier. There will also be a mobile component, but I can't give away much more detail at this time. We are effectively positioning IROCKE to be the epicenter of the live digital music ecosystem by defining and accelerating this medium and ultimately creating a live digital music network.

PH: Which event has had the largest "attendance" so far?

CW: In the music space, I would have to say that TommorrowLand 2013, Ultra Music Festival, along with Bonnaroo and Outside Lands music festivals, are among the largest live digital music events to date.

PH: How Is streaming effecting the music industry as a whole? All positives or some negatives?

CW: Overall, I would say it's still too early to tell exactly what kind of an effect it will have. Do I think it will hurt the live physical concert industry? Absolutely not. It will only provide for a larger audience and more interaction. Will it replace the live physical environment? Never. Being at the physical event will always remain first, but the webcast component is a sure second. I see problems within the labels because they have their own models, however it's been interesting to see different labels like Sony, Warner Bros, etc. use this medium as a marketing tool. I think it will positively play a massive role in the music world within the next couple of years as the live digital model will become larger than physical music and recorded music combined.

PH: Approximately how many users are there for IROCKE? What are the benefits of registering?

CW: iROCKE is currently hovering right around the 200,000 monthly unique number as far as users on our site go. The benefits of registering for our service are multi-fold. You have the ability to create a user profile where you are able to favorite artists and "sources" that will ping you when a show is announced or scheduled to go live. Another benefit is building your online ticket profile, as we provide users with digital "ticket stubs" on their profile. There's the sense of community as music fans are listening, discovering and sharing live digital concerts regularly. Lastly, the most beneficial reason to register for IROCKE is to now have access to the latest live digital concerts happening from around the world at the click of a button.

So go check out Who knows, you might find your favorite band playing tonight or discover a new favorite. Happy streaming!

Written By: Parker Harrington

[Published on: 11/5/13]

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