Radiohead Goes with XL

Radiohead Signs Deal with XL for In Rainbows

After weeks of speculation Radiohead confirmed rumors by striking a deal with British indie label XL Recordings for the physical release of its new album In Rainbows (read the review here).

While no details are currently available it appears the deal will exclude North America leaving the band free to make separate deals.

There is currently no release date for the hard-copy of the disc, but it appears it may coincide with the December 3 release of the "discbox" version of In Rainbows available only at

Radiohead shocked the music world by breaking convention and releasing In Rainbows through digital download only on October 10, allowing fans to pick their own price.

[Published on: 10/31/07]

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RothburyWithCheese star Wed 10/31/2007 04:41PM
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Ned8 starstarstarstarstar Wed 10/31/2007 06:07PM
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LAME....... Now avoid last comment by (LiberalsForMichaelSavageIn2008), this is a great label.. Check out their web-site. When artists take hold of their biz we all win. Don't be a chump and offer what you can if you download the CD

Treetophigh Thu 11/1/2007 06:53AM
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^^^ come on guys hes funny

one thing is for sure, in rainbows is absolutely amazing

Robusto Thu 11/1/2007 07:07AM
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LiberalsForMichaelSavageIn2008 / USCtrojansforlife . . . I am absolutely tired of wasting my life reading your comments. Do the world a favor and stop publishing the smut you force actual music fans to read when you decide to regurgitate your opinions on Jambase.

craikes13 Thu 11/1/2007 07:34AM
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Great band!

However, it does appear to have the tinge of a step backwards. Everyone talked about how 'earth shattering' Radiohead was by offering their new album at market price. However, now they are signing a deal to distribute it in the same old fashion way, as a CD. Maybe I am just confused, but if this is happening, it makes the whole thing seem a PR stunt. Then again, maybe the wave hasn't crested yet.............

........just seems strange to me

........but the music sounds great!

Kayceman starstarstarstarstar Thu 11/1/2007 02:16PM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Just a quick not to all those asking why their comments are being removed: Please try to keep things above the belt. There are ways to express what you feel without being so offensive or punishing to other users. Say what you want, back up your points, but keep it clean kids.

crazyleggedelbow Thu 11/1/2007 02:36PM
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this record wasn't even close to being the epic journey that ok computer, kid A, amnesiac, & hail to the theif were... i'm not saying i want those albums again... i just think this album is lacking in many ways... i'm glad i didn't pay for it

powernet Thu 11/1/2007 03:08PM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!



RothburyWithCheese star Thu 11/1/2007 03:14PM
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DrownedInSound starstarstarstarstar Thu 11/1/2007 03:27PM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Powernet: Just wondering if you like any Radiohead albums? I love "In Rainbows," easily top five of the year for me... i also love "OK Comp" and "Kid A" and "The Bends," "In Rainbows" is the only that i personally feel lives up to those three... just wondering where your tastes are at. tnx.

uscgamecocks4life Thu 11/1/2007 03:28PM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


on a serious note, i think the new radiohead album is a lot like Pink Floyd's the wall...

follow the comparisons:

5. the wall = in rainbows... both ground breaking on a larger scale but musically overrated (remove a few songs and both albums sound tired)

4. animals = hail to the theif... angry, fiery, political, and dark - fueled by internal strife

**intentional radiohead flip flop to come**

3. wish you were here = ok computer... perfect layering of soundscapes and musicality

2. dark side = kid a... sonically overwhelming, genre defying concept albums

1. meddle = the bends ... raw sound a glimpse of what's to come, smaller in stature but its music will always stand the test of time

powernet Thu 11/1/2007 05:23PM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


not the biggets fan but i can get into some old stuff kid a ok computer

rdawson124 Thu 11/1/2007 07:35PM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


I love this record!!!! Bodysnatchers + House of Cards = Nuggets. Can't wait for the '08 tour, hopefully they come close to KY.

Jbsgroove Thu 11/1/2007 10:50PM
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radiohead takes a sweet new jazz approach to this album. I have been a fan since the bends and have all albums and a few rarities etc. and this is top 4. And for most radiohead fans, you dont' think you like it at first, bc you never know what your going to get the first time you press play

triad1 Wed 11/7/2007 05:32AM
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Awesome album. played it about 10 times now. good,different drumming style.Did enjoy the Floyd analogy(USC...). Not too far off.


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