Sunday Cinema: The Ween Movie [1987]


A few years ago a page appeared on Facebook for Boognish Rising, a Ween documentary that's "in the works but the release date is uncertain at this point." Recently the page's owner has been sharing incredible audio, photographic and video gems from Ween's near 30-year history.

Last week, Chris Buly, the Facebook Page's operator and Ween documentarian, shared an update on the status of the film which explains the status of Mickey "Dean Ween" Melchiondo and Aaron "Gene Ween" Freeman's participation in Boognish Rising:

Hey everyone. I thought I'd give an update to address the questions I keep getting asked about who I am and the project in general.

My names Chris Buly and when I was a teenager Ween became my favorite band quickly after I heard them for the first time. I was crazy about their first 3 albums and when I saw them performing in 1992 I was blown away and become determined to track down every piece of footage of them I could find. The more I learned about them the more intrigued I became. I always related with them more then any other act for some reason. It took years of research, letters and luck but a long time later here I am sitting on hours and hours of unseen footage of this band. I always had the idea of doing a really accurate and informative documentary on them, but I really only got the equipment and started getting organized a year or so ago. I used to upload videos I'd worked on in the past to the youtube account Goalieman707, but I had to shut it down because of copyright claims by WMG.

As of now (late May 2013) I'm scheduling and filming interviews, recruiting others to work on the project, dealing with the legal stuff and still tracking down materials. Gene Ween has no hard feelings about the band or it's history and has been very kind by contributing all he can. Dean Ween is not comfortable contributing to this project as of now and it's because of this that I cannot give any information about when this film might be done. A Ween Doc without Deaner on board happy with it just wouldn't be worth doing in my opinion. I've always done this whole thing working alone and purely out my love for the band.

If you are qualified and would like to help with the project or you have any footage, pictures, audio, stories or anything interesting to contribute (from 1984-2000) please feel free to email me directly at

Thanks for you're interest and I will replace the links that had downloadable content, add links to things like Twitter and Kickstarter and try to keep everyone informed. I'll keep dedicating time to Boognish Rising but I do work fulltime as a chef and play a lot of music myself. It really all comes down to what happens with Mickey in the future.


One of the many wonderful bits of footage that Buly has shared is an eight-minute short movie the members of Ween filmed in 1987 with friend and director Tom Nichols. The clip finds Gener and Deaner walking around their hometown of New Hope, PA showing off some of the sites that led to the formation of Ween.

Let's watch this preview of The Ween Movie:

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