Mars Volta Delay Album Release

The Mars Volta
The Mars Volta's upcoming album, Bedlam in Goliath, was originally slated to arrive in stores this season from Universal, but has been put on hold until January 29, 2008.

Mars Volta mastermind Omar Rodriguez-Lopez is producing the record which follows-up last year's Ampuctechture. At this point we have no further information but will be sure to report back as soon as we hear anything.

[Published on: 10/3/07]

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gOdWesSaTaN Wed 10/3/2007 12:55PM
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this info came out a month ago

Gribblecake Wed 10/3/2007 01:53PM
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I hope the production comes out better, it sounded so sandy and dry on the last album. Maybe it's pretentious, but their first album was definitely one of the craziest in-your-head albums I have. That album just has a good sound, reminds me of mercury or something, that kind of reflective and dense quality.

RothburyWithCheese starstarstarstarstar Wed 10/3/2007 02:06PM
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gmoo Wed 10/3/2007 02:21PM
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Calling a band RadioBore will probably prompt people to not listen to a word you have to say, regardless of your message's content. Just my opinion.

jowen001 starstar Wed 10/3/2007 05:28PM
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Mars Volta is a badass tight band, but I do hope for better on the new album. Frances the Mute is mindblowing, and Comatorium will split you soul open. Yet Radiohead creates some of the most the most original, creative, and moving music today. They are as badass as Volta, in a different way. So I agree gmoo. Why even post something like that?

durazno Wed 10/3/2007 06:34PM
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i love tmv, as well as ATDI AND DE FACTO. omar and cedric are such a great duo. I really hope the next album is better than amputechture, I think they did a little too much on that one. CROMATORIUM I agree is one of the best CD's I own, and frances the mute is not bad AT ALL... at least for me, they need to go back to their "orginal" sound from cromatorium.


can't wait for the new "radiobore" is gonna be awesome, their stuff will be around for generations.

briank67 Thu 10/4/2007 06:19AM
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yeah, weren't these guys gonna TOUR this year?

"comatorium" is tight, the other stuff is pretty incidental if you ask me, but i STILL wanna see them live. missed their opening set for the chili peppers in detroit last year just as i was starting to really get into them...

emgriffi Thu 10/4/2007 08:06AM
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Trojan boy only posts on here to get a rise out of people. His opinion is meaningless and uneducated.

MatthewAtienza starstarstarstarstar Thu 10/4/2007 08:56AM
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Actually they need John Theodore back.. That dude can rock a drum set. Cant wait to see them tour, I hope they come by them selves again. No more opening for system of a down, rhcp or any other bands!

Gribblecake Thu 10/4/2007 01:49PM
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Yeah Jon was a damn good drummer, really fit the music. The crowd at the live show would be the biggest turn off, it's plagued with mall metal kids and the like.

gmoo Thu 10/4/2007 01:54PM
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^^^^ Boo stereotyping. Boo.

busterboarder Thu 10/4/2007 02:34PM
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Didnt miss much seeing them open for RHCP, they were changing drummers and played way too loud for most of that tour. They have had some awesome live shows but i feel like they always play way too loud and muffle everything out live. New Album should be tight, and I think the radio single with be out in november. I heard its gonna be rapidfire tollbooth reworked but thats not confirmed

Gribblecake Thu 10/4/2007 05:16PM
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I don't think it's stereotyping. I've heard from a good number that there's quite a bit of them there. Kind of like it sucks going to some fancy band shows because of all of the metalheads that come to mosh during sitar jams. Then again, I can put up with that because it's Claypool.

CeilingFan247 Fri 10/5/2007 06:16AM
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Mars Volta: please go instamental.... the singer is terrible.

CeilingFan247 Fri 10/5/2007 06:17AM
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Oh yeah... they need to quit being assholes to their fans.


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