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Words by: Chadbyrne R. Dickens | Images by: Eric Madar

Papadosio and Consider The Source :: 02.07.13 :: Stage 48 :: New York, NY

Consider The Source
If Gordon Gekko from the film, “Wall Street” attended the Papadosio and Consider The Source show at Stage 48 in New York City on February 7, he would probably say, “Grooves, for lack of a better word, are good. Grooves are right. Grooves work. Grooves clarify, cut through, and capture, the essence of the evolutionary spirit."

This correspondent set out to do a review of the headliner, Papadosio, but it would be an injustice to not include the exquisite shred ensemble that is Consider The Source. Even Papadosio front man, Anthony Thogmartin, joked, “We call them ‘the opening band that upstages us every night. Those guys are awesome!” The "Sci-Fi Middle Eastern Fusion" trio consists of Gabriel Marin (Guitar), John Ferrara (Bass) and Jeff Mann (Drums). Dressed in all-white attire, they remind one of your friendly neighborhood painting crew collided with the evil edge of the droogs from "A Clockwork Orange". Marin plays a fretless double necked guitar that has a tone reminiscent of Brian May of Queen, with the addition of a multitude of effects including midi to create the sound of a horn. Sometimes the notes appear to be ‘talking’ ala Peter Frampton. Influenced heavily by Eastern music, Marin looks like a Svengali on a sitar, using a combo of pedals and midi with a fretless guitar so he can get all the slides and inflections.

Papadosio by Eric Madar
Feedback effects and knobs create a face-melting instrumental symphony that barrages the senses for a straight hour of euphoria. Bombastic bass slapping and body bouncing by Ferrara cries for an immediate reference to the style of Flea. After an intense call-and-response jam session that resulted in an inferno of a crescendo within the structured insanity, the boys from New York City delved into “Dubious Honor”, a song written when two of the band mates were simultaneously dealing with girlfriend challenges. The melancholy tone tells the story, and the pedal used by Marin exudes a sad sound of “wahh wahh” like the teacher on Peanuts. Consider the Source is a quickly ascending band with quality musicians and not one to miss.

Stage 48 is a new venue offering assorted entertainment other than just concerts. It has a music venue but with a nightclub feel and is certainly a bit more pretentious than the usual NYC venues that house jamtronica bands. However, it is clean, pleasantly colorful, and on this night, the stage was adorned with a garden of trees creating a makeshift African wonderland.

Papadosio, quintet consisting of Anthony Thogmartin, Mike Healy, Robert McConnell, Billy Brouse and Sam Brouse, hail from Asheville, North Carolina and are currently praised in music circles as one of the current leaders in the electronica movement. Although not as vastly known yet in the livetronica world as Conspirator or Lotus, Papadosio is quickly establishing themselves on this forty city run known as The Future Forest tour, as a must-see act.

Papadosio by Eric Madar
One need only witness the sea of heads bobbing in agreement to the groove armada that is “All I Knew” amongst a combustible crowd wanting to explode, to be convinced that this band is on the verge of taking over the fast-growing electronic scene desperate for fresh quality new blood. With lengthy exploratory tunes steeped in mystery and an aura of invincibility, Papadosio relishes on bringing the fan the unexpected. Outspoken, they stand up for what they believe in and share it whether by musical expression, via their website or the dazzling and creative video display that ran concurrently to the jam, showcasing some of the band's prominent stands about government and life in general. Papadosio is a professional band that will only flourish as they continue to play and garner new fans as the word of mouth only continues to speak of their brilliance. On this night, Papadosio brought out the grooves with their proven melding of electronica and signature jam style and it worked.

Papadosio Set List:
Find Your Cloud>Improv>Garden>Taking Turns>Improv>Fuse, Madre de Dios, If It Wasn’t for you>All I Knew, We are Water>Night Colors, Cue

Consider the Source Set List:
New World Cocek, Wandering Bear, Moisturize The Situation, I'll Fight For The Imp, Absence of a Prominent Tooth, This Dubious Honor, Up To But Not To Exceed Whoa, Keep Your Pimp Hand Strong, The Great Circuiting, Ol' Chompe

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