When I heard that the Steve Kimock Band would be coming to Sancho's Broken Arrow, I was in disbelief. Sanchos is a "Dead" bar located right across the street from the Fillmore in Denver. I've been to this bar many, many times - always taking notice of the bumper sticker next to the door which reads, "Who is Steve Kimock and why does he keep blowing my mind?" - but the thought of seeing a band there was just incredible. Bands do not play there normally, as it is really too small to put a band inside... or so I thought. Before I get started I'd just like to thank Jay and Phil (owners of Sanchos and Quixotes) for getting Steve to come back to Denver and play what in my opinion had to be the most amazing 4:20 show that when on anywhere!

Thinking that the show was going to be PACKED due to the 200 person capacity and the fact that all three nights of SKB had sold out in a matter of minutes (thank you GDTSTOO!), I made my way in a little before 8pm, to find a relatively empty room. The way the stage was set up against the far wall, it made me feel as though I was seeing a local band in my friend's basement. By 9pm, Sanchos had filled up and we were all eagerly awaiting the start of the show. This incarnation consists of Rodney Holmes on drums, Bobby Vega on bass, Mitch Stein on guitar and Steve Kimock on guitar. They strolled on stage around 9:15, to a rousing cheer of applause. The audience was letting them know that on this night, we expected nothing less than to be blown away, and the SKB did not disappoint!

They opened with a new tune - or two - that lasted about 30 minutes and definitely got the crowd and the band all on the same page. The band then went into "ROCCO," which really got the place moving. Next they moved into a version of "Footprints" to truly rival any that I've heard performed by any band. The set closed with an outstanding version of "Bad Hair," which had the whole place grooving. Although the set only contained four songs, it lasted well over and hour and each tune was jammed out fully, as the entire audience got to come along for a ride.

At this point, I have to say that the sound that these four musicians put out, is truly unbelievable, it comes out and surrounds every part of your body, forcing you to move without even realizing it. It's so clean, crisp and clear that I could barely open my eyes during the entire first set because I was squeezing them so tightly as not to be distracted by anything else. The groove that Rodney lays down is absolutely out of this world, and then Bobzilla throwing down thunderous base lines on top of that is something that any music lover needs to see. Mitch added solid rhythm guitar and very inspired solos which fit in nicely with Steve who, as usual, was just taking it to the next level all night long. The two guitarists at points would take turns soloing and bring the jams to new highs each and every time.

For me the second set was really where it was at - the 200+ people in Sancho's were moving nonstop the entire set. From the opening notes of "Why Can't We All Just Samba," to the closing notes of "5 B4 Funk," this set was not-stop groove. With jams that would start in the deepest of valleys and build and build and build until you were at the top of the highest mountain peak and then jump off again. With solid versions of "You're the One," "In Reply," and "Hillbillies on PCP" also included in this set all I could do when it was over, was smile, and think to myself, "Holy shit! That was the sickest thing I've ever seen!"

My only solace that I wasn't going to see the SKB the next night. Next time I'll see them is the late night show at Jazz Fest in under two weeks. Ah... Every time I think about that, this huge grin comes to my face!

The SKB is on tour now and could be coming to a city near you... go see them, you will not be disappointed!

Adam Sokolic
JamBase Colorado Correspondent
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Steve Kimock Band | 4.20.01
Sancho's Broken Arrow | Denver, CO
Set I: ?New song(s), Rocco, Footprints, Bad Hair
Set II: WCWAJ Samba, You're the One, In Reply > Hillbillies on PCP, 5 B4 Funk

[Published on: 4/22/01]

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