Whoever first said the phrase "Time is Money" really warped some minds into believing that success is a function of how much "stuff" one has. If you collect the most "things" in life - the more expensive things are, the better - then you win! Congratulations. Now you are sitting on top of a big pile of garbage that means nothing for your spirit.

In the last decade, there has definitely been this shift away from this mind set. People are seeking answers to larger questions. People are discovering their spirituality. People are communicating with each other on so many different levels. Evolution is happening right before our very eyes.

As we search, we find that time is much more valuable to be focused solely on some green paper. With our time, we could be creating and learning and making the world a beautiful place. Time Is Art. Everyone has a way to contribute positively to our evolution - where is your strength?

I took a trip up the Pacific Northwestern Coast with the Sound Tribe Sector 9. On this trip I was able to see how art can be manifested in many different ways - through the incredible music from the band, paintings from local artists, gorgeous coastline or just people spreading a good word to a stranger. Scroll down below for reviews and interviews.

Overall, the shows were, well, incredible. Throughout the week, Sector 9 delved into countless new realms. Their songs, simple in form yet complex in implication, have a lot of breathing room. On this tour, I saw them stretch and transform their songs in such a way that it made me feel like I was crossing over a slowing dissolving boundary onto a new frontier.

I usually describe a STS9 show as being completely egoless and solo-less leaving the audience with an appreciation of the experience as a whole - not one person standing out superior to the others. With that being said, I must now give huge props to the individual musicians in this band who happen to be five amazingly kind and intelligent loving friends. Dave Murphy is one of my favorite bass players as he colors the low end of the music with intriguing bass lines. Jeffree Lerner is a class act and a wonderful percussionist as he creates the mood with all of his toys. Hunter Brown is a unique lead guitarist as he never takes a solo yet his presence is always eminent as he gracefully floats along the top of the tune. Dave Phipps, a gentle mystery, can play the intense house beats or put you in outer space with eerie sound effects. His demeanor always calms me and his talent as a keyboardist is undeniable. Last but not least, we have the wonder boy, Zach Velmer on drums whose ability is captivating. The first time I ever saw STS9, I remember thinking that he must have come out of the womb with his arms flailing and ready for the drums.

On Saturday, March 31, Sound Tribe Sector 9 kicked off a West Coast tour of galactic proportions at Palookaville in Santa Cruz. This tour was a breakthrough for the music which now includes more than a dozen new songs. It was an emotional rollercoaster for band members and audience members alike. The tour touched down in the energy vortices of Eureka, Eugene, Portland and Seattle. I had to bid farewell at this point as the folks in the southern half of California got their share of the 9 with an emotionally stunning benefit event in Santa Barbara, and two more blowouts in Santa Ana and Los Angeles.

Sharing these experiences with you is a way for me to "do my art" and I'm thankful for your attention. I'd also like to thank the Sound Tribe, band and crew alike, for the inspiration to create and communicate. If there's any moral I would like to get across it would be to find something inspiring and strike back. I would encourage you to turn off your television and take notice of how your time is being spent. Are your intentions guided by love or by fear? Love is real, fear is in your mind, always stick to the truth and understanding will soon follow.

In Lakech,
JamBase Resident World Bridger

Interview with
Zach Velmer

3.31 | Palookaville
Santa Cruz, CA

4.3 | Club West
Eureka, CA

4.5 | Wild Duck
Eugene, OR

4.6 | Berbati's Pan
Portland, OR

4.7 | Sit & Spin
Seattle, WA

4.11 | Victoria Hall
Santa Barbara
[Published on: 4/18/01]

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