Last night was one of the best nights of my life. Sound Tribe Sector 9 took the universal vibration up a few notches throughout their performance at the Victoria Hall in Santa Barbara. This was no ordinary music event. It was a life-changing journey through a sea of emotions, a sky full of love and a blazing bonfire of sound and light.

To describe a great show I would normally mention how hot the music was, how cool the crowd was and how cozy the venue was. All of these factors were at their best. However,the "X" factor was inspired by the show's status as a Benefit for the Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center. People dug deep in their hearts to lift the barriers of fear, avoidance and confusion related to this issue which effects us all. Four speeches were made before the show related to the issue of Sexual Abuse. The last and most powerful featured David Murphy, the bass player for Sector 9, making the most courageous move most of us had ever witnessed by revealing that he was raped a long time ago. It was a moment with such resonant implications for all of our evolution, the shockwave rippled throughout the world. Tears flowed freely, the band rallied around their brother as did the audience and we leaped forward together into a new age of understanding. Highest love and respect to Dave and the rest of Sector 9 for being such beautiful, honorable role models for our generation. This is the real deal folks.

All of the planets must have been in alignment last night. The cosmic Winds of Change were sweeping through the Victoria Hall, which by the way, was the absolute ideal venue for Sector 9. The light show was in full force, their was plenty of room to dance and I even took my shoes off to enjoy a rare session of carpet dancing.

Now the best part... the music! This show was without a doubt the best Sector 9 show I've ever heard. The band was extremely focused as they glided seamlessly through various dreamscapes of bliss. They featured several new songs which all seemed remarkably in line with our internal chemistry, as well as several of the old faves (the sickest "Moonsocket" ever).

A feeling that I know a lot of people share about this band is amazement in connection with how we feel in the presence of their music. The need for thought is eliminated allowing us to tap in to this ancient language constantly being decoded through the music. It is all-encompassing. For me personally, last night was a healing experience of epic proportions. Dancing and crying rarely occur back to back. It is so refreshing to feel comfortable visiting such emotions in that kind of environment. Together we are taking the live music experience in the next realm of consciousness and creativity.

Before I go I want to send out some thank yous. First of all to the band for channeling this music that has ignited a blazing fire in so many of our souls and to their crew for making the wheels go round. Next to my partners Christopher Darling and Ravena Marysa "Dancing Star" Blumara for all your hard work, vision and love throughout the whole journey. We have just launched a new production company called Pillow Talk and what a glorious beginning it was. Thanks to Jay Archibald, who celebrated his Bday last night, for all of the captivating graphic designs related to the event. Thanks to Billy Bacsko for painting one of the coolest paintings anyone's ever seen last night during the show (and for busting out the quote of the evening, "Pillow Talk...I like that. Pillow Talk is the best kind of talk." Ain't that the truth). Last and by no means least, huge thank yous to everyone at JamBase for helping to spread the word about this event. It would not have been near as happening as it was without their support. We're all inspired and amazed at what you're doing for the entire live music community. How did we exist without you?

The numbers are still being tallied but I can tell you that last nights event made at the very least $1000 for the Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center. Probably a good deal more. We had an auction throughout the show which was a lot of fun and made a great chunk of extra cash for the Center. And the awareness the we generated is priceless.

Everyone contributed to this event in some way or another. I am so deeply moved. Thank you everyone! Let's keep raising the bar, co-creating magick and living our dreams.

With Love from me to you,
Tyler Blue

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[Published on: 4/12/01]

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