Benefit Bash to Save Net Radio
Sunday July 1, 2007 • Bottom Of The Hill, San Francisco, 6-10 p.m.

Sponsored by: Soma FM, Pandora, BAGeL Radio, reapandsow, Bottom Of The Hill, SonicLiving, SaveNetRadio & Kiptronic

(San Francisco, CA) -- The future of Internet radio is in immediate danger. Royalty rates for webcasters have been drastically increased by a recent ruling and are due to go into effect on July 15, 2007 (retroactive to Jan 1, 2006!)


Venue: Bottom of the Hill
Address: 1233 17th Street • San Francisco, CA
Date: Sunday July 1, 2007
Time: 6-10 p.m.
Tickets: $3-$5 suggested donation will go to
Event Features:
- 1st 100 people receive free Soma FM indie pop rocks compilation CD
- Great Food / Bake Sale
- Raffle & Silent Auction
- Live Music from members of The Herms, HIJK, Heavenly States, Peloton and Special Guest DJs (Elise Nordling from Soma FM & Ted Leibowitz from BAGeL Radio)

The Benefit, just 5 days after the National Day of Silence, (when webcasters are asked to silence their online stations for 24 hours), is part of an effort to raise awareness of the severity of the issue and its consequences to musicians, their fans, and the overall future of New Media and to protests these rates and encourage the millions of net radio listeners to take action and contact their Congressional representatives.

The organizers are extending invitations to politicians including Nancy Pelosi and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

"We realize all of our elected representatives may not be able to attend," says organizer Corey Denis, VP of Integrated Marketing at reapandsow, inc., "But we hope that these invitations will help increase our representatives' awareness of our need for their help in influencing the proper handling of HR2060."

With assistance from music industry professionals and new media organizations around the country, including Ariel Publicity in New York City,, JamBase, and indie record labels of every size, the Benefit to Save Net Radio is more than simply a fundraising party, it is a call to action to stand up and protest these rate increases.

Information tables will be set up around the venue with DJs and founders from Pandora, Soma FM, BAGeL Radio, Live365 and SaveNetRadio on hand to answer questions, hand out promotional material, and generate awareness about what can be done to influence the outcome of the CRB hearing on July 15.

The Raffle and Silent Auction will include items from famed photographer Peter Ellenby, Griffin Technology, Clothing from and packages from a slew of record labels in support of webcasters - including Absolutely Kosher records, Eenie Meenie, Birdman Records, Turn Records, What Are Records?, Jackpine Social Club and many others.

Webcasters around the country are encouraged to contact the organizers if interested in attending or obtaining more information.

For more information, interviews or press passes please contact: Corey Denis, (415) 846-7013

[Published on: 6/28/07]

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moejoerisin Thu 6/28/2007 08:11PM
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save net everything.... the powers that be don't want real people to convey information and debate, so they are trying to stymie us with laws and restrictions

All Loving Liberal White Guy starstarstarstarstar Thu 6/28/2007 08:20PM
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All Loving Liberal White Guy

It's a good thing for this. Lots of peeps in the Bay area should attend this. Even if you have to scrounge up 3 dollars worth of change and go to CoinStar to get the admission, this is important stuff. Internet radio is a great source for me here in the Philadelphia area, especially since I'm mostly listening to KEXP and other stations online to her about good music. Since WXPN in Philadelphia has gone down the crapper by buttering up to the terrible Joss Stone/DMB/Counting Crows adult contempo of the ambience of a Starbucks and Cailforina Pizza Kitchen (why would you put avacados on a pizza?) except when the World Cafe is on. These net radio broadcasts are getting shaken down like my Italian immgrint grandparents got shook down for a large a thick slice of their action by the mob for "mandatory protection" when they owned a bakery. It's that bad. Even if you don't listen to net radio, it should be known that they if these stations can get unfairly juiced that, it's almost certain that independant record stores, small concert venues and clubs, and who knows what else will start getting their revenues massivly skimmed off.

Window Fri 6/29/2007 05:15AM
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"Sweet Daddy Fettucini :: 6/28/2007 8:20 PM
Even if you have to scrounge up 3 dollars worth of change and go to CoinStar to get the admission,"

Don't they accept coin at the venue? Why contribute to CoinStar's shakedown?

philhitz Fri 6/29/2007 08:17AM
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as far as i'm concerned no internet radio means, NO RADIO AT ALL! -- this is just another example of our precious gov't always looking out for the big guy while making sure they take a piss on the little guy -- media conglomerates like Clear Channel, & Fox can try to force feed me the new Bon Jovi album all they want -- i ain't buying & i never friggin' will, you scumbags!

nuke_ticketbastard starstarstarstarstar Fri 6/29/2007 09:17AM
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hte above mentioned wxpn in philadelphia recently had a day of silence w/ no live online radio and included a 2 or 3 minute silence on their broadcast radio show. htey urged evry body to sign an online petition against the rulings , hoping to get 5,000 people to sign. by 11 pm that night 11,000 + of us had signed the petition.some of their themed nightime broadcasts include - the grateful dead hour , jam hour , blues hour etc....

All Loving Liberal White Guy Fri 6/29/2007 11:48AM
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All Loving Liberal White Guy


Right on brother. Fuck the man and power to the people!!


I signed that petition. I also listen to those shows that you mentioned on wxpn. I'm just disappointed to the format that the station has taken with the 7am-2pm programming. And the show is actually called JamNation.