Tonight's show was OFF THE HOOK! Doesn't it always happen on the day of tour when you're feeling most tired, the band pulls off some of the "sickest" jams you've ever heard them do? The Sound Tribe Sector 9 came to Berbati's Pan to rock! ...and so did the sold out crowd.

The band came out on stage and did what they do best at the beginnings of their shows. Feel out the room, give it some beauty, wash it with color and fill it with sweet sounds. "STS9" and a New Song opened the first set which just paved the way for what was to come. The room was filled at this point and people were lovin' it! There's a lot of people in this room... "...and some are angels." This "And Some" was both beautiful and exciting and it put it's stamp of approval on this special evening. My personal fave, "Itzamana," came next as I thought it would, for some reason. Itzamana is the god of healing in Mayan culture and the song has healing power. The music of "Itzamana" is so liberating. It will forever remind me of the life altering Showcase Stage set at last summer's High Sierra Music Festival. This was followed by the newish dance number, "Grow," which closed the set. This song actually seems to grow with each new listen.

The second set of this show at Berbati's Pan is why I go see Sector 9. Without any outside influence, my mind explores, my body is moving at lightning speed and I'm on an emotional ride through 9-Land. "Monkey" and "Hubble" opened the set which was so incredible. The "Hubble" really had the room in hysterics but that was nothing compared to what was going on up on the stage. With such intensity going on, Zach was mouthing something seemingly pertinent to Murphy. The song ended with such authority and then all of a sudden, Zach flies off the stage and runs back stage. Later we find out that he had one too many glasses of water before the set...

The new song "Shine" came next and was the mellow point of the set. Next came the epic "TWELVE" which very well could have been what we were waiting for all night. With a sweaty and red face, my whole self was responding to the "TWELVE" when I heard the voice of the prayer. Here was the precious "Baraka" which warms my heart. Al I can do when I hear this song, is send out my best vibrations to all my loved ones. This is such a gorgeous song, I really do hope that everyone reading this will get to hear it at least once (hopefully more times) in your lives. No rest for the weary as "Basso" came next - a song I haven't heard before. This featured a great line from our bassman, Dave Murphy. After a huge response from the crowd, STS9 came back out for a "Tap In" to close us out. They finished with a very spacey noise creation session by everyone on stage and their toys. Slowly, the music faded out note by note and another memory has been made with the Sound Tribe.

STS9 | April 6, 2001
Berbati's Pan | Portland, OR
Set I: STS9, New Song, ...and some are angels, Itzamana, Grow
Set II: Monkey, Hubble, Shine, TWELVE, Baraka, Basso
E: Tap In

Interview with
Zach Velmer

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[Published on: 4/7/01]

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