A Sound Tribe Sector 9 show cannot be described by a setlist. There are no bust outs, no solos, no quirky lyrics. Just the vibrations. Instead of focusing on the performances of the individual songs, you are realizing how the music as a whole has affected your entire self. How cleansed do you feel at the end of a show? Was there healing within you? Did you reach emotional levels that you had only dreamt about? When you look back onto a night with Sound Tribe Sector 9 you are you find that you have bathed in positive energy. At the end of the night, if Sector 9 offered up the best of their potential, you are leaving that venue feeling healthy, special, blessed, and loved. All you have to do is have an open mind.

Last night's sold out show at Palookaville in Santa Cruz was no exception to this rule of 9. The West Coast tour kickoff in their new hometown was quite the celebratory event. Across the waves of the world wide web, word was spread about the April Fools Masquerade, organized by some of the Santa Cruz Sector 9 family. Outside on the street, showgoers were greeted by two stilt walkers walking around out in front of the venue. Upon entry, there were a masks at the door for everyone to take. Local performance artist, J. Garcia, was setting up his canvas and paints above the stage.

The show was as tight as I have ever seen these boys. The communication between band members is at its peak after an extensive tour throughout Colorado last month. The new songs are now as seamless as the older favorites. Show highlights include the new "Circus," the "T.W.E.L.V.E." second set opener, and a HUGE "Inspire Strikes Back." But the absolute highlight of the night would have to be the magical "Baraka" which is another word for blessing. Hearing "Baraka" makes me feel like I can do anything in the world. If I had to pick one song to listen to for eternity, this would have to be it. When the band finished, the audience responded with thunderous applause that would not end until the fellas came back on stage for one more. The overwhelming response from the audience created a stir on stage as the members took their bows, gave their thanks and bid their farewells. Looking around, there were many tear-marked faces and sweaty bodies - most had that twinkle in their eye because they knew that they had just been a part of something special.

The music of Sound Tribe Sector 9 is endlessly uplifting. Both powerful and modest, heartpounding and soothing, the music creates a balance within you. The music is positive but it's not necessarily happy-go-lucky in an "ignorance is bliss" kind of way. There is truth within the music and the truth often times is simply love. Utterly egoless, you don't need to hear a solo, and once you get past the desire to hear a solo, then you have understood what Sector 9 is all about. You're appreciating the connectedness of the individual musicians as a whole unit.

I am beside myself with happiness to tell you that I will be travelling northbound along the Pacific Coast with the Tribe this week. What a great feeling it will be to get in a car and go see a string of shows again! Oooohh, Tour!!! Driving through what I feel is the most beautiful part of the country is an added bonus. On Tuesday, April 3, the tour picks up again in Eureka at Club West. From there, we go to the Wild Duck Music Hall in Eugene on Thursday, Berbati's Pan in Portland on Friday, and the Sit N Spin in Seattle on Saturday. Check out Sector 9's complete tour schedule.

Stay tuned for on-the-road reports from me and my travelling partner, Fingerball Scott. Is there something you're dying to know about this band? Email me at, perhaps I can ask a question or two for you.

Super Dee
JamBase Resident World Bridger
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Interview with
Zach Velmer

4.3 | Club West
Eureka, CA

4.5 | Wild Duck
Eugene, OR

4.6 | Berbati's Pan
Portland, OR

4.7 | Sit & Spin
Seattle, WA

4.11 | Victoria Hall
Santa Barbara
[Published on: 4/2/01]

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