Review | Photos | GWAR | Massachusetts

Words by: Ziggy Steiner | Images by: Andrew Bruss

GWAR :: 10.13.12 :: The Palladium :: Worcester, MA

GWAR by Andrew Bruss
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Attending a GWAR show entails being exposed to partial nudity, carnal screams, grab ass, and fake bodily fluids of questionable origin. It’s unfathomably messy, loud, dizzying and, no matter how twisted and perverse you tell yourself it is, you have to admit, you kind of love it.

The sodomy of sounds commenced when Oderus Urungus, Balsac the Jaws of Death, Jizmak Da Gusha, Beefcake the Mighty and Pustulus Maximus graced the Palladium’s stage with their beastly presence to welcome their throngs of bearded, shirtless followers.

Looking and sounding like the lovechildren of Predator and an Orc, GWAR unleashed a Hellsent cacophony of noises that night – but not before trying their darnedest to offend everyone. The band’s entrance was orchestrated to the tune of “Hallelujah” coupled with a growled rant from frontman Oderus about “the rapture” and “sucking his mother fucking dick.” This, naturally, was met with cheers from the tightly packed crowd.

GWAR by Andrew Bruss
As the band began their set, a loin-clothed, weapon-wielding mutant appeared onstage and proceeded to uncomfortably gyrate; this signaled the start of the blood-soaked, debauched metal orgy that is a GWAR show. The band played a 50-minute set replete with on-stage killings, crucifixion, the sodomizing of Biblical and political figures, the scalping of Hitler and Danny Trejo. Yes, that Danny Trejo of Machete and Con Air fame. Nobody was safe from GWAR’s constant barrage of blood via severed limbs and rigged weaponry. Not even Trejo.

Amidst all the horror and gore and calculated chaos, there’s a reason these costumed creatures have maintained steady subculture success since the late 80’s. This band has legitimate talent. At a GWAR show, you come for the mayhem but you stay for the metal. Newcomer Pustulus fired off his guitar with proper Speed Metal force and fury and Jizmak drummed at machine gun pace. For their encore, the demonic quintet returned to the stage for a cover of Kansas’ “Carry On Our Wayward Son,” that was about as tranquil as a trip through the wood chipper. The concerts theatrics may be wickedly dazzling, but the band’s raw talent and notable influences are audible.

GWAR is metal incarnate and I have the blood-soaked shirt to prove it.

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