STS9 (Sound Tribe Sector 9) are pleased to announce that the upcoming five night Boulder Theater run (3/12 - 3/17) will be broadcast on-line via StreamerNet!

A full pro-camera shoot will be set-up to capture the magic as it happens LIVE with SBD quality sound! Purchasers will also be able to view the shows after the fact for days.

StreamerNet also offers fans the opportunity to join in the STS9 chat room and talk about the show(s) with friends as they happen.

You can also purchase all five nights for a discounted rate! First time streaming? No worries... StreamerNet help desk staff will be on email in real time to help you along.


The streams will run $10.00 per show and $45.00 for a FIVE NIGHT PASS.

1 in every 10 streams will win FREE STS9 Music download coupons while 1 in every 25 streams will win FREE STS9 Goods!

Visit for more information.

[Published on: 3/8/07]

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Death Cube K starstarstarstarstar Thu 3/8/2007 02:00PM
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Death Cube K

here's to that sound tribe. friends tell me I have to hear your live sound when you're out west and here is my chance. We're having a LIVE STS9 party in Rindge, NH if you want to come everyone.

Marcsmall Thu 3/8/2007 02:24PM
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Cool for people who couldn't get tix...i'll be there

lvcheese Thu 3/8/2007 02:33PM
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Man thankyou Sound tribe. I'm not going to make it to Boulder. Can't wait for 4-20 in STL and C-MO the following tuesday.

Maestro Thu 3/8/2007 02:34PM
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Tittytastic, they get more dope everyday.

scotur Thu 3/8/2007 03:52PM
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Im so ready to rage the boulder shows and the MO shows. see you all next week, and in stl, COL.

gmoo starstarstarstarstar Thu 3/8/2007 04:26PM
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MMM...Sound Tribe, that sounds good.

garriswh Thu 3/8/2007 06:03PM
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what a ripoff. Most of these webcast things are free. are they that desperate for the extra $$?

boulderlive starstarstarstarstar Thu 3/8/2007 07:08PM
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no you clown, they are not desperate for cash. They have a rabid fan base that is foaming @ the mouth for the chance to see this epic run if they cannot attend. And you've gotta pay the cameramen somehow...

scooterdjembe starstarstarstar Thu 3/8/2007 08:23PM
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I understand they need to make money but they could also get sponsors and run comercials during set break, have a banner at the bottom of the page etc. Either way i'm gonna watch

jalew Thu 3/8/2007 10:32PM
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I understand everyone's point on this one. On one hand, we are pretty fortunate, but somewhat used to these streams being offered for free. On the other hand, it's not all that much $$ considering the overall quality of STS9's shows and goods.
Personally, after catching the Nine's F'ING SICK-ASS Tahoe show a few weeks ago, I will try to enjoy every drop of art these kids are dishing up. At this point....just cake! F'ing yummy love.
Also, and maybe most importantly, a lot of people are able to record audio/video streams from their computers which makes this totally worth the $$.
As for advertisements..well, it's not a bad idea. It's just that, personally, I'm so tired of ad's and I would like to think that STS9 and the majority of their fans are too.
Honestly, I'm pretty stoked that these shows are only $10 or the 5 shows for $45. I mean when was the last time anything this epic, enjoyable or well produced was even close to ten bucks or cheaper?


Jammer1086 starstarstarstarstar Fri 3/9/2007 12:16AM
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They are the future of modern music....aomund a whole lot more! These guys are the shit live!!! If you haven't deff. go see them!!!!!

tay1222 starstarstarstarstar Fri 3/9/2007 12:35AM
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honestly i would rather pay $10 a night to not see any adds and i have no problem with giving my money to the most progressive band in the scene today. as long as the quality is good(which sts9 is known for) im down for all 5 nights, especially since you get to stream the show for the next 3 days unlimited amt. of times! Anyone complaining about the price obviously hasnt seen a live tribe show before, b.c nothing compares...bitch all you want about how most of these are free b/c you must be referring to the festival broadcasts in the past few years, im pretty sure no single band has ever done a live broadcasts of a 5 night run, not to mention to SBD quality youll be recieveing. And trust me, they are not doing it for the $$ you idiots, the past 2 years have brought them more success than many anticipated (including the bands anticipations-murph and zach words during a backstage convo over NYE), almost every show theve played in 07 has sold-out. These shows are off-setting global warming too, which cant be cheep in the first place, and being live webcasted at the same time, all i can say is Thank You STS9 and, lookin foward to an amazing 5 night run
PS the Tahoe show is absolute heat, along with all their shows in the past couple months. i feel like they are progressing with each show...

Madtribe starstarstarstarstar Fri 3/9/2007 07:38AM
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Great Idea....hmmmmm.....but wish i was there!

livin_grateful Fri 3/9/2007 08:43AM
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scooterdjembe Fri 3/9/2007 09:06AM
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"Anyone complaining about the price obviously hasnt seen a live tribe show before," not true i've seen tribe many times over many years and have watched them grow "And trust me, they are not doing it for the $$ you idiots" why the hostility i love tribe as musch as you do but get to watch streams for free all the time. A five nite run, no i have not seen for free. Ozzy is doing a completly free tour i do not see why these streamed shows must be paid for. Either way i love tribe and will pay the 50 bucks.

deadpig79 Fri 3/9/2007 09:38AM
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"tittytastic" is the best word I've ever heard!

djshawn Fri 3/9/2007 11:30AM
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I'm going to assume the "full-pro camera shoot" means the quality will be leaps and bounds above the quality of the free streams people are bitching about. Add that to the fact you'll have true SBD audio versus gambling on a crowd recording and you have your answer as to why there is some cost involved.

I don't know about you guys but $45 for 5 nights of shows I can capture, edit and burn down to DVD's to enjoy over and over at home and rip the audio onto CD's for my truck seems like a damn good deal to me...

rufus765 Sat 3/10/2007 10:28AM
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love sts9 but screw paying $10 for a streaming video... would be tight if it was free, im sure in the long run it will get circulated around anyways

pheelalrights starstarstarstarstar Mon 3/12/2007 02:04PM
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Hey, djshawn,
If you can burn copies for me, I'll send you the disks as well as pay for your fee for downloading.
email to

jivecoulis star Wed 3/14/2007 12:22AM
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aaahhhhhh, living in boulder is so grand! WISH YOU WERE HERE.

groovinmoh Wed 3/14/2007 05:59AM
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has anyone bought the broadcast of these shows yet? i want to know how the quality is before buying one.

Maestro starstarstar Wed 3/14/2007 08:15AM
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Well, I bought allt he nights. I had it up and running perfectly. I hought the sound was going to suck because the pre show music was really low. I have a 5.0 surround connceted to my laptop. Right before the show stsrted someone int he audience dislodged the main wire connecting the stream. It cut everyones stream off, and I personally couldn't connnect till the second to last song. When I did connect I was VERY PLEASED with the sound, and the picture quality. I did bitch to the company and they reinbursed me. If you are leary, don't be. It was well worth it to be in my comforts of home blazing away, pouring Goose and lemonade with friends. CHEERS to STS9, just another way to bring the FUCKIN NOISE. Thanks guys.

Does anyone have the setlists from last night?????

groovinmoh Wed 3/14/2007 12:02PM
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thanks a lot palo024 getting the show tonight.

Dicky79 starstarstarstarstar Wed 3/14/2007 12:24PM
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can you believe it takes til the opening note and someone yanks a cable... DAMN.

that said...

PEOPLE... DO THIS! wow. the sound was incredible. matrix SBD/AUD mix and man it was the heat. the video is very solid, better than most web-casts but not as good as the blueroom stuff but shit those rigs cost millions and i'd rather not stare at an AT&T logo the whole time.

the light show was easily the #2 light show i've seen for a band in this genre next to phish. there must have been nearly 40 moving lights in a 1000 seat venue!?!

just awesome. incredible. A+ to you STS9!

Maestro starstarstarstarstar Thu 3/15/2007 07:53AM
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WOW, the first night was RAW. Last night might of topped it for me. Holy shit, first off the Improv was dope...super chill way to start off the night. Then the noise was brought with Wika, which blew me away. B Pluse was thumpin, and then just like the ATL with a Warrior then Breathe In> and super sick Pianor. I was permagrind.....and then R&E. Tittytastic.

If you have doubts, get the stream kids.....the sound is sick! Wish I was there, but this is the next best thing. Stoked for tonight....Arigato's coming out.

Maestro Fri 3/16/2007 08:40AM
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Wow, the third was was so smokin.....start to finish. PLUS, the lights they have at this run could be the BEST light display I have seen...and I am streaming it!!! Unbelievable.

Maestro Wed 3/21/2007 08:56AM
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Streams were dope, not 100% clarity on the picture...but for not being able to make it out to Boulder, this was awesome. All the haters on this idead, get fucked! I'll do this for every show I can't go to. The lights they used for this run made it all the more worth the $.

bpngdf starstarstarstarstar Fri 3/23/2007 01:13PM
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ay, thanks for a face melting cali tour, come back. or i gotta wait until bonnaroo i think