JamBase History: By the dates & numbers

6/07: JamBase v6 (the new new version) is launched! Enjoy!

4/7-8/04: JamBase v5 (the new version) is launched! Enjoy!

3/15/04: The 400,000th show is added to JamBase.

7/8/03: JamBase sends it's 2000th Geo-targeted email (The Machine in Glenside, PA)

July 2003: JamBase returns to the city of San Francisco, finding a beautiful office space in the reburgeoning SOMA district.

4/11/03: The 200,000th show is added to JamBase

9/23/02: JamBase sends it's 1000th Geo-targeted Email (Garaj Mahal in Burlington, VT)

June 2002: JamBase Signs Distribution Agreement with Listen.com™ for Rhapsody™ Digital Music Service

1/23/02: The 100,000th show is added to JamBase.

7/23/01: JamBase sends it's 100th Geo-targeted Email (Sound Tribe Sector 9 in B.C.)

5/21/01: JamBase launches with a fresh face and redesign. While the site was offline and the new look was being uploaded, our faithful webmaster Deanne Herman received a call from her roomate letting her know that Trey Anastasio and Les Claypool had just walked into the 4th Street Tavern, a small San Rafael bar just up the road. Without haste, Deanne was off to the fun, leaving Ted and Andy behind to man the re-launch. After no more than 20 minutes, they came to their senses and joined the party up in San Rafael for what would be one of the most legendary evenings in recent memory.

5/10/01: JamBase sends it's first Geo-targeted Email (Living Daylights in San Francisco)

February 2001: JamBase, Inc. is incorporated as a California Corporation, committed to the mission of connecting music fans with the best music in the world, the music they love. Andy becomes CEO, Ted becomes President.

1/18/01: JamBaseTickets.com launches, offering promoters a free alternative and low service fee way of selling tickets for their events. The first event: JamBase Fan Appreciation Night with the Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey at Hotel Utah in San Francisco. That was sick!

October 2000: JamBase escapes the bursting of the dot-come era and makes a break for the hills of Marin County where it would settle for a couple of years in a nice house near the main drag in Mill Valley, CA.

11/9/99: An early archived version of JamBase. (nevermind the broken images)

Fall '99: Andy & Ted move to San Francisco, CA to pursue the Internet Bubble dream. Joining forces with an internet start-up, MusicFans.com - JamBase begins work with David Rosenheim, Chris Nelder, Deanne Herman, Tim Neagle and many others who would be essential in contributing to the growth of the site over the next 4 years.

Summer '99: Andy decides to quit his various web-based jobs and focus on the potential of JamBase full time.

Spring '99: Andy meets Ted Kartzman at aliveOne in Chicago and they begin the neverending conversation of brainstorming possibilities for a database driven music information website.

Early '99: The first version of JamBase launches as a flat file database using CGI scripts.

Summer '98: While working for a summer music festival, Andy speaks with Dean Budnick about his forthcoming book and helps to launch jambands.com

3/20/98 -> 3/21/98: Andy attends Zero's annual concerts at Chester's Place in Fayetteville, AR and understand the true meaning of the term "musical escape velocity"

Sometime between '95 and '98: While maintaining his Phish fan site, Andy began compiling a list of other bands besides Phish that he was interested in. Realizing that if anyone wanted to know when one of those bands was playing in their town that they'd have to go to each of their official websites individually, Andy began organizing tour date information for artists into a centralized database of information. The beginnings of JamBase were born...

1995: While attending college at Michigan State University, Andy begins saving web pages to his Computer Science fileserver, which turn out to be public web pages, and thus Andy Gadiel's Phish Page is born.

6/19/95: Andy Gadiel sees his first Phish show at Deer Creek.
David Bowie > Mango Song to open the second set forever changes his life.

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