What is JamBase?
JamBase is a live music website. You can find out when your favorite band is playing near you, read about what happened in music this past weekend or connect with other like minded music fans and share your musical adventures.

What kinds of bands are in JamBase?
Great question! ALL kinds! JamBase seeks to provide the most complete and accurate live music information available source anywhere. If you know of an artist which isn't listed on JamBase but should be, please feel freee to add them!

How can I search JamBase?
JamBase can be searched by Artist, Venue or Location using the search box at the top of each of our pages. You can also visit the advanced search page for a variety of other options.

Can I add information to JamBase?
Absolutely! Your input is not only recommended, but it is critical to keep the site growing and useful!

  • Add a confirmed show
  • Add a review or news item.
  • Create your own show reviews, upload photos or otherwise share your thoughts on bands, festivals by blogging on your MyJamBase profile.
  • I'm in a band, how do I get listed on JamBase?
    Please visit our Add Artist page wizard and start getting your basic information and shows into JamBase right away. When you're ready to send us a bio and photo of your band, please email bands@jambase.com with a 300x200 jpg and your bio in an easily copied form (no PDFs please)

    What happens after I add information into JamBase?
    Once information is added to JamBase, it will be available after it has been approved by the system administrator (usually within a few hours, longer on the weekends). This is to ensure that the information provided is standardized and 'clean' before adding it to the JamBase. Shows are rarely denied addition, unless they are incorrect. Please don't add unconfirmed shows.

    I can't remember my username & password! What is it? Fear not! Enter your e-mail address into the "Forget Your Info?" field at the Forgot Password screen and it will be e-mailed to you.

    What happens if we have two shows on the same date and the database won't let me enter it?
    Fill out the Fix Form with the second show's information and we will add it for you!

    How do I change or cancel existing show information?
    If you know of any changes or cancellations of information on JamBase, please use our Fix form and give us the scoop.

    What is My JamBase?
    My JamBase is a way to customize your JamBase experience by tracking shows in your personal calendar, your favorite bands and shows in your area. We are always making improvements and adding new features to this area, so sign-up today!

    How can I send you guys music?
    A: Mail your press kit and CD (live too!) to:
    Attn: Editor
    1 Zoe St.
    San Francisco, CA 94107

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