Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Auditorium at The Scripps Research Institute
San Diego, CA

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Please join Mainly Mozart for the annual Mozart & the Mind Series at the Auditorium at TSRI (10620 John Jay Hopkins Drive, near UCSD)! On May 17th, Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart will will lead us on a musical journey into the virtual-reality world of NeuroDrummer, which combines live rhythm and cognitive brain training with interactive Grateful Dead-inspired art and electronic music beats inspired by Mickey’s own brain rhythms. Simultaneously, we will travel through The Glass Brain, an immersive 3D visualization of Mickey’s brain, visualizing his neural rhythms and synchronization, in real-time, using state of the art brain activity mapping. While spectacular, this is no spectator event – hundreds of audience members will be provided percussion instruments and invited to join Mickey and friends in the NeuroDrummer groove, as together we create a truly unique Rhythm Experience!
Ticket Price: $15 for Presentation, FREE Expo+
Show Time:5:00pm for the Presentation, 6:00 for the FREE Expo

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