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Unitus 2013: Mita'Kuye Oyasin

8/9/2013, 8/10/2013, 8/11/2013

Official Website


Cherokee Farms

Phone: 404.294.6840
2035 Old Mineral Springs Rd.
LaFayette, GA 30728
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Uniting Through Honest Expression

The primary purpose of Unitus is to connect everything and everyone to understand that we all function as one. What we do to ourselves we do to everything around us and vice versa. We strive to water the Garden of Conscious Evolution and help to alleviate suffering. This vision of "One" is a universal perspective that guides us to unite through honest expression. With each day, each step, each breath, we welcome this overwhelming love that radiates from our core to spread peace and compassion throughout the Universe.

What is Unitus 2013: Mita'Kuye Oyasin about?

So everyone asks, what type of festival is this a Music, Arts, Electronic, Burn, etc.? There may be all these elements in Unitus, but we are a Cultural Arts Benefit Festival (meaning each year we are aiming to honor and raise awareness of a certain culture that practices as a way of life, connection to all of our relations). This year we were all guided to honor and learn from the Native American Culture and Traditions.

We are called to the areas that could use the most healing. We have recently moved from Gruetli-Laager, TN (Grundy County, one of the poorest counties in all of Tennessee).

So, a little history lesson for where we are holding space this year for Unitus 2013. This year we are in Cherokee Farms in LaFayette, GA. Cherokee Farms was a stockade during the Trail of Tears for the Cherokee Nation. This meaning it was basically a prison for the natives while they were being kicked off of the land that they lived on, along with their ancestors. It was also a landfill after this.

We will be holding ceremony and a conscious gathering of people to return what all we have been given. It is time to bring light/love to heal this sacred land that once was inhabited by the natives. We as a collective are moving more towards co-creation through communal practice, so we can once again learn to live in balance with each other, the plants, the animals, the insects, the land, and all our relations. For all is sacred, and we must re-learn the importance of this connection.

"We do not inherit the land from our ancestors, we are borrowing it from our grandchildren." -Old Native Saying

This is a family-friendly event so please be conscious and aware of this while you are at the event. Your actions speak louder than words and we must set good examples for the children, as they are the ones that will lead their generation.

Get your tax-free tickets at:


Booking is now CLOSED!

Vendors: http://www.unitusnow.com/community/vendors

Volunteers: http://www.unitusnow.com/community/volunteers

~~For those that are struggling financially~~~~~~~~

There are several options we have to help you make it to Unitus this year! :)

The first option is to volunteer. It is a down payment of $60, but when you work each 4 hour shift, you will get $30 back. Here is the link to sign up to volunteer: http://www.unitusnow.com/community/volunteers

We are offering a Unitus Scholarship Program to those that simply cannot afford to come to Unitus, but feel guided to be here this year. Please send an email to booking@unitusnow.com with the Subject: Unitus Scholarship Program and in the Body: Write why you feel that you should be at Unitus and how it could benefit you along with what you have to offer for the community. Good Luck!


Unitus 2012: Year of the Dragon Video


Unitus 2013: Mita'Kuye Oyasin will be supporting 3 non-profit organizations this year:

Future by Design (The Venus Project, www.thevenusproject.com)

BAL: The Healing Place (www.balthehealingplace.org)

Soles 4 Souls (http://soles4souls.org/)

More info TBA

Please visit www.unitusnow.com