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Stop the Kaboom 3

Fans Going (2)

6/13/2013, 6/14/2013, 6/15/2013, 6/16/2013

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Rainbow Bills

132 Titmouse Ln
Hedgesville, WV 25427
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The third annual Stop The Kaboom Festival is at Rainbow Bills in Hedgesville, WV on June 14-16th, 2013. This festival was created to raise awareness and funding for the fight against surface mining for coal and hydraulic fracturing for natural gas otherwise known as fracking. All of the proceeds from this event will be used in our struggle against these industries and the regulations that allow them to destroy our lands and water while poisoning the folks that live nearby. Last year the Stop The Kaboom festival raised money and awareness to support the RAMPS Campaign in Southern, West Virginia, a non-violent direct action campaign dedicated to ending strip mining, and Frack Ban a community group located in the eastern panhandle of WV, that is trying to keep "fracking" out of Morgan County, WV. This festival is about connecting people and ideas, through music, art and community action to stop these devastating forms of resource extraction.

FRACK BAN is a community group based in Morgan County, WV and their goal is to educate people about the dangers of "fracking" and to organize the citizens to establish a county ban on fracking through a community rights ordinance. With the funds raised from last year's festival, the group was able to attend Democracy School where we finalized our local community rights ordinace to ban fracking in Morgan County, WV. The community ban now must be widespread and gain support from all of our community members and county commissioners, in order to be passed. Hydraulic Fracturing for natural gas is a dangerous procedure where gas companies drill thousands of feet vertically and horizontally fracturing Marcellus Shale to release natural gas. In this procedure gas companies use at least a million gallons of freshwater, mixed with sand and over 500 chemicals per well drilling, The impacts of fracking lead to contaminated wells and aquifers, and gas mixing into well water. For more information please visit www.frackban.org
We are excited to not only raise money for both of these worthy groups but to also bring people together through music, art and action. Rainbow Bills house has had an ongoing tradition of beautiful gatherings of people in a energizing atmosphere. There has been lots of work taking place here to make sure that a good time will be had by all. We will have speakers and workshops to learn the effects that surface mining for coal and hydraulic fracturing for natural gas have on the environment and the people. By raising awareness and funds for both of these groups we are standing together to demand clean water and healthier livelihoods.