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La Iguana Resort

Churuquita Grande
Churuquita Grande, PAN 10001
Map & Directions


In 2013, we'll be exploring the first chakra and Our Roots In Mother Earth, setting the foundations for this evolutionary movement.

We have booked an amazing lineup of international high profile musicians. Picking the very best from the Psychedelic Scene with Progressive, Goa, Full-on and a touch of Dark ensuring the main stage absolutely brings it on.

The Global stage will feature a more eclectic and laid back musical selection, with a blend of International, local and tribal acts.

Indigenous Tribes of Central America will come to the festival to hold the first in a series of InterTribal Symposiums. They will be having positive debate around the gathering theme: "Our roots in Mother Earth", discussing possible solutions for today´s environmental and social challenges. They will be holding workshops, talks, rituals, stories, dances, etc to help the global party community understand their cultures and realize how many common elements we share and how we can help one another.

Shamans, Western scientists, thinkers and body movement instructors will complete the cocktail for this area.

All structures will be built from sustainable, locally sourced materials. Restaurant and market with loads of locally source produce and hand made goods. There will be a zero waste policy. Hand built Showers and Compost toilets.

As with all GeoParadise events, this festival will Leave a Positive Trace, providing funds and resources for the bioregion in many different ways.

A local NGO will be set up with the indigenous communities involved to run educational and environmental programs, empowering them to become more sustainable and resilient.

We´ll dance together for a week to celebrate the achievements. A sense of purpose and belonging to a caring community will fill our hearts.

We no more are isolated tribes struggling to survive, we are one GeoTribe, the Tribe of the Earth, and we together will keep our loved planet a paradise. We call it GeoParadise.


  • * Dickster
  • * Koxbox
  • * Perfect Stranger
  • * Zen Mechanics
  • * Atmos
  • * U-Recken
  • * Emok
  • * Green Nuns Of The Revolution
  • * Zentura
  • * The First Stone
  • * Dimitri (GBU)
  • * Etic
  • * Maelström
  • * Symbolic
  • * Aerospace
  • * Burn In Noise
  • * 28
  • * Swarup’s Brain
  • * Liftshift
  • * Tron
  • * Odiseo
  • * Gandulk
  • * The Froggy Proggy
  • * Nevermind
  • * Shove
  • * R2
  • * Illegal Machines
  • * Beardy Weardy
  • * M.A.C.K
  • * Entheogenic
  • * Kuba
  • * Tripswitch
  • * Phunkdub
  • * Trotter
  • * Dirty Saffi
  • * Labirinto
  • * Psymmetrix
  • * Tea Lyrics
  • * Asimilon
  • * Barakuda
  • * Dashdot
  • * Yosh
  • * Facing Odds
  • * Gee van D
  • * Christalphoenix (Hilight Tribe Team)
  • * Greg & Mat (Hilight Tribe DJ Set)