Kalob Griffin Band
Kalob Griffin Band The Kalob Griffin Band, a Philadelphia based group better known to their devoted fan base as "KGB," strives to provide listeners on and off stage with a unique, energetic, and personalized experience that encourages people to come together and have a fun time.

In the summer of 2012, the Kalob Griffin Band is independently releasing their debut album, "June Found a Gun" off of their label, There He is Records. After forming at Penn State in 2009 and undergoing various personnel changes, the Americana rockers released a self-titled EP in the spring of 2010 and have since been continuously touring and developing an active, engaging fan base that has turned into more of a family.

Kalob Griffin (vocals/guitar), Rob Dwyer (guitar/mandolin/banjo), Eric Lawry (drums/vocals), John Hildenbrand (keyboards/vocals), and Nick Salcido (electric/upright bass) compose this troop of musicians who come together to create a sound and live show that some would say is immediately original, familiar, and contagious.

Original and familiar? Take a John Prine lyric, an Avett Brothers harmony, a Neil Young guitar solo, and an Allman Brothers concert, then mix and mash to your hearts desire to hear what KGB is all about.

Recorded at Milkboy Studios in Ardmore, Pa., the twelve-track "June" aims to get your feet moving and voice belting while broadening the landscape of the Americana genre by combining various influences. They've just begun to develop a name for themselves as fun-loving, uninhibited rock n' rollers who exhibit an artistic vision committed to being fan-centric and experience driven. Let's wait and see what's next...