David Crowder Band
David Crowder Band "We perceive music as a means of empathizing with one another and enunciating something common among us in our experiences of life and faith. Our band's latest musical offering is for us the next available step in this journey; musically, lyrically, and thematically it is the sound of one foot coming down firmly in the present while the other simultaneously rises, exiting the space previously occupied, throwing our weight in a forward direction of momentum and consequence toward whatever lies ahead." —David Crowder

In this life, it's not uncommon to feel the weight of sadness. People in the proximity of our affections die. Grief resides in our chest as a result of loss, or tragedy, or some other pain. Yet by some miracle, God pours Himself into us. He shines in our deepest despair, and somehow repairs what's been torn apart.

David Crowder Band's newest offering, Remedy, combines their trademark unique and energetic style with band leader Crowder's inventive self-production. Remedy features ten tracks in perpetual motion, from opener, "The Glory of It All," to closing track, "Surely We Can Change," hope and a call to action are consistently present. Tracks "Can You Feel It" and the first single, "Everything Glorious," convey that God is everywhere—even during times when we can't feel Him. Title cut, "Remedy", accentuates the wounded human condition, while simultaneously challenging people to be the remedy in a world that is broken.

With the belief that it is people who evoke change in the world and not just songs themselves, the band's most recent project dares their audience to look outward, so that the songs they sing are more than just words, but instead are momentum toward change. "It seems like from the moment we get here, we breathe in individualism," Crowder says. "And so, this record is, for us, an answer to the question of how we interact with something much broader than ourselves. It's to provoke change in ourselves, and to export that change to others."

Building on this idea, touring will start to take on the responsibility of exporting change, providing an opportunity for immediate action, leveraging each night with a chance for fans to put legs to the message that is thread throughout the album: Individuals can, and do, change the planet, and the Church can, and should, be at the front of that change.

Whether leading in the church they call home, University Baptist Church, in Waco, Texas, or playing in sold-out clubs and auditoriums, David Crowder Band is fully embracing the opportunity to help move people from despair to hope, and from words to action.

Where there is pain, let us bring grace. Where there is suffering, bring serenity. For those afraid, let us be brave. Where there is misery, let us bring relief. Let us be the remedy.