Matthew Dear
Matthew Dear You could throw around generous descriptors and any number of genre-locking terms - minimal house, acid techno, electronic pop - but you'd still fail to get to the center of Matthew Dear. With releases under no fewer than three aliases, including False (M_NUS), Jabberjaw (Perlon), and Audion (Spectral Sound), the Texas native has earned his international status over the course of a decade, from getting his bearings on the DJ decks as a teenager to flooring sold-out crowds at venues like Fabric and releasing universally-praised original recordings.

After meeting Ghostly founder Sam Valenti at a house party in the late 90s, Dear eventually produced the A-Side for the label's first 12" release Hands Up for Detroit. Since becoming the flagship artist for the dancefloor-oriented Spectral Sound offshoot, Dear has created the albums Leave Luck to Heaven and Backstroke under his birth name, as well as a series of singles and the Suckfish LP as Audion, all the while building a reputation for some of the most evolved live electronic sets ever crafted. He'll still tell you that his greatest pleasure is a quiet day of fishing, but with plans for a new Audion single (split with Ellen Allien, no less) and another full-length under his proper name, it's clear that Dear has no intention of slowing down anytime soon.