Michael Quinn and the Bourbon Kings
Michael Quinn and the Bourbon Kings Years of drumming for bands such as the Whiskey Sournotes, the Regulars, and Speedway can make a great singer-songwriter of a man. Quinn follows in the footsteps of many other great drummers turned singer-songwriters: Dave Grohl, Don Henley, and more recently, Pete Yorn. Never mind the drumming, though. For those of you yet unacquainted with Quinn, you'll soon discover that it's all about the songs.

Quinn first recognized his life path as a musician when he was four years old. His grandmother took him to the Grand Ole Opry to see Johnny Cash and from that moment on, music was his life. Quinn moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA in 1986 to start drumming with his first band, Thought Factory. He has continued to drum for over 50 bands, all the while learning guitar and studying the craft of songwriting. He earned a music degree from McNally-Smith College of Music in Minneapolis in 1992 and went on to travel all over the United States, Europe, Egypt and Asia as a musician. It wasn't until just before the turn of the century that he finally decided it was time to perform his own songs.

Now, after 10 years and hundreds of gigs including opening for Spider John Koerner, The Blasters, Sleepy LaBeef, Gene Nelson and touring the US, Seychelles, Europe, Egypt, Macau, Thailand and currently China; Quinn has released his follow up recording to 2004's critically acclaimed sushi, sex, music (produced by Bernie Larsen of Lucinda Williams and Melissa Etheridge). Whiskey Rebellion is a diverse musical testament to Quinn's road tested sound. From the Hawaiian flavored "Road to Hana" featuring Andy Dee on steel guitars (Molly and the Heymakers, Soul Asylum, Proclaimers) to the in your face garage rocker, "Sunday Dress" featuring Mike Leonard on guitar (Magnolias), Whiskey Rebellion has more flavor than grandma's homemade, fried chicken!

It is Quinn's honesty and humor that ring true on his songs. From soulful singing and frank lyrics, to timeless song structures, Quinn's live shows are an all out good time. Whether he performs solo or with his band, he is engaging, giving his all for every note of every song and ALWAYS has the audience on their feet! Michael cares about his music, wants people to have a great time, and the fans know it.