Phat Tony
Phat Tony Phat-Tony began learning his way around a mixer as a kid. As his father was a resident DJ at Rodeo U. S.A, formerly a club in Las Cruces, he had the chance to discover something that later grew into much more than a fascination. While his father worked on the lights for his show, the young inspired Phat-Tony would pass the time experimenting with the mixer. Immediately Phat-Tony realized that this was his passion. As the years went on Phat-Tony joined the school band and began his classical training in music.

After finally deciding to give up everything and chase the dream he started as a kid, he became more serious with his love for music in late 2010. Phat-Tony managed to put his mixing skills to use within one short year. He landed the residency at Grahams, a nightclub in Las Cruces, and since then has played at several Ziehl Inc. events which has led to the booking of blog sensation Chemical Jump. He also had several bookings and collaborations of several local groupings and publications.

Phat-Tony became the winning DJ on an Online Local contest submitted by EP LC Partytenders and, where locals were asked which DJ would they like to see open for an the event starring the legendary DJ Ease, known as the official opener for The Beastie Boys. Since then has opened for other names which include New Yorks Top Female Dj, Dj Annalyze, Mike Posner's Official tour Dj Benzi, International producer Darth & Vader, and Messinian who's track was recently played on so you think you can dance.

According to the Euphoria Music Festival in Austin Texas out of over 50 entries from around the country he finished 9th finishing amongst the top 10 dj entries in the nation!

Phat-Tony's mix of your classic hip-hop favorites on top of different styles of music which include but aren't limited to House, Electro, Rap, R&B, Dubstep, Moombaton, Latin Pop, Rock, and Spanish favorites. No matter what your style is Phat-Tony is sure to bring a little bit of everything to the mixing table, keeping the dancing and the good times going.