Set the Score
Set the Score At only 16, lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist Joshua Saldate put his plan in motion for his musical future, Set the Score. New to the Central Florida area, he turned to Craigslist to help him find the perfect fit to his vision. There he found drummer Kevin Martinez. His brother Cameron filled out the band. The four band members have combined their varied musical influences into the unique Alternative/Pop/Punk sound that is Set The Score. Joshua and Cameron reach decades back into music with influences from The Temptations to Black Sabbath, while Kevin and Hugo cite influences ranging from The Kinks to Blink 182. Although young, all four musicians have put years into mastering their instruments and developing their craft. Joshua started playing guitar at nine and has been writing songs for four. Kevin started playing drums three years ago in a school jazz band. Cameron first started as a drummer and has been playing bass for two years. This tight four piece band is relatively new to the Central Florida music scene, but is quickly picking up steam. Their first song released, "Life is Just a Fantasy," will be part of their upcoming EP, Love Hate Thing due out in February 2012.