Future Prezidents
Future Prezidents Future Prezidents is a state of mind & expression, portraying a reflection of the human condition and the timez in which we live. Future Prez is founded on Boe Simeonov's vision (singer/songwriter) "We are ALL the PREZIDENTS of our ONE future!" As a young revolutionary, Boe escaped from the oppressive communist regime of the Eastern Block due to his involvement with the human rights movement. Facing imprisonment in communist political camps, Boe relocated to the USA as a political refuge holding the values of freedom and human right as his inspiration.

Future Prezidents is LIVE and DIRECT original style reggae band, hailing from Palm Beach County, Florida. The band formed in late 2011 and drawz influence from rootsy reggae with a message. Future Prez is a band with something to say. Their unique edgy sound is rounded out by smooth melody and syncopated rhythmic groovez. Members: Founding members Boe Simeonov and Mat Huntsberger moved to Florida in 2009 from Portland, Maine. Boe is the former bassist for EastWave Radio, a recognized reggae band in New England among the ski resorts, bar, and festival scene. Mat Huntsberger is a bassest formerly with The Many Ones, a successful reggae/rock band out of Palm Beach County, FL. Nate "Money" Largent was a founding member of The Resolvers, a popular reggae band originating from Palm Beach County, FL. Johnny Boes was a founding member of Commonwealth, another recognized band on the Southern Florida circuit.