Bray His razor-sharp voice sizzles over the San Francisco airwaves. Dubbed a star by The Chronicle's Delfin Vigil, Bray— Frisco's favorite bad-boy-next-door— has a reason to celebrate. With songs on over 150 FM stations across America, MTV's Road Rules, VH1's Old Skool and tours running in 10 European countries, Bray and his band belong to a lethal new breed of independent artist; the kind that combs the net, packs venues, rivals label acts for time slots and makes a living touring overseas.

Live, if Mike Patton and Elvis Costello met for a Molatov, you might have Bray... Add the sharp, crunchy riffs of The Killers, theatrical shades of Bowie and shake. The truth is the kid storms arenas like Caesar with an SM 58, as witnessed by the band's performance at San Francisco's Pride Festival. Following live appearances at the Grammy New Artist Showcase as well as the Recording Academy's Tribute to San Francisco Music, his Day In The Life series has become a YouTube compulsion.

@mphibian- Bray's third album- finds our artist treading controversial territory. Beneath the Bay waves, he dives deep and asks... What does it mean to be human? Do insecurities incite our little white lies, compulsive consumerism or justify the morning after? The possibilities for transformation are infinite… If we're wise, we'll listen, celebrate our mistakes and embrace our inner @mphibian.