Margo May
Margo May Margo May isn't just another girl with a guitar. This singer/songwriter crafts melodies that encompass raucous folk-punk and delicate melancholic balladry. May has made a name for herself in the Kansas City music scene, wooing listeners with her raw, honest lyrics and Americana infused sound. Charismatic and utterly charming in person, May exudes an innocence that is echoed in her music, which blends modern Americana with a haunting soprano that evokes singers such as Cat Power and Karen Peris of The Innocence Mission. Marked by a fragile intimacy, May's solo songs feel like whispered stories or lullabies, creating the precise effect she's aiming for. The consistent strength within May's music, regardless of genre, venue or backing band, is her voice.

After hearing May's sparse instrumentation and heartfelt vocals, most listeners are shocked to learn that she appeared on Season 9 of American Idol and made it all the way to Hollywood before being eliminated during the group round. While May's delicate folk sound didn't exactly fit the commercial pop-diva mold, even the Idol judges couldn't deny the power and personal impact of her voice, and that's exactly what she wants her listeners to go away with. May's music is a sweet secret savored by her fans, and she thrives on that connective atmosphere. Successfully mixing tuneful pop melodies with introspective folk lyricism, May has written songs that are simultaneously confessional, catchy, somber and sweet. She released her first album, Summerof, in 2010, and again in summer of 2011. Her newest recording, Space/Face, is now available for free download on her website. When it comes to May's music, simplicity can be downright beautiful.