The Lauren Mitchell Band
The Lauren Mitchell Band Lots of people can sing, and many can sing well. And like any good performer, I have the voice, classical training, and years of study and real-world experience in musical theatre, opera, gospel, rock, blues, and more……..gotta learn the rules before you can break 'em!

But I think the best have to give more: heart, soul, and guts. That's what I aim to do every time I take the stage. Like the women I most admire- Etta James, Koko Taylor, Janis Joplin, and Aretha Franklin- I'm gonna give you everything I have, whether it's on stage or in the studio.

I was born in Columbus, Ohio. Sang a boy's part in "Oliver” when I was six. Got dragged to church by Grandma & Mom to sing: "It's a sin to hide that voice!" Classical voice lessons start at age 9. Lots of musical theatre and performing arts schools from 4th grade on. High school drama and debate. Won a karaoke contest with "Me and Bobby McGee."

I was a Vocal Performance major in college. Moved to Florida about 10 years ago and played gigs and more gigs, looking for musicians who shared my love of blues, soul rock and- most importantly- all-out, full-throttle performing.

I met keyboardist Michael "The Professor" Hensley in 2005, and The Lauren Mitchell Band was formed. We started doing local gigs with different band members, and the buzz about us began. We've opened for bands like Foreigner and Jason Ricci and New Blood, and have played the Sarasota Blues Fest, Skipper's Smokehouse, The Gator Club, Ace's, Flying Dog Cafe, Ringside Cafe, Dave's Aqua Lounge, and many other venues.

For now we're performing familiar blues, soul, and rock tunes. We promise that once you've heard us do a song, our version will stick with you. Mike & I are working on original tunes now, and we'll work those into the repertoire soon.

Come on out and see a show! We'll do our best to make you dance and sing along, and go home humming.